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problem: on Promise PCI IDE controller

By emperor ·
sometimes ago I have bought a Promise IDE PCI controller, TX2 ULTRA100. I need for a ideal solution to connect a CD-rom Asus 50x, a CD-rw Philips and an hard disk IBM Deskstar 120 GXP 40 gigabyte UDMA 100 7200 rpm. I wanted to connect them on different channels. Promise told me that I can connect the cd-rom to their controller. At first it worked without problems when it has been connected to the controller it has sporadically begun not to read original disks. The autorun didn't started because the peripheral didn't see the cd. At the end it had become an almost constant situation and for once the operating system has warned me that the unity in the reader was not FORMATTED. It's evident an
anomaly of exchange dates and a bad recognition of the peripheral from the system. After some days the CD-rom was broken. Promise told me that the controller was defective and sent me a TX2 ULTRA 133, using this for the hard disk this time. But I have risked to damage the hard disk using the IBM utility "drive fitness test" formatting at low level through their controller. What they said" we have fully used the utility and it has worked" it was absolutely not true, also confirmed by IBM which had warned me in precedence that the functions of the program would not have been available. Preparing the hard disk after a low-level formatting and installing WindowsXP, at the end it didn't start stopping himself and warning that there had been an error and it would not have been possible to continue for not jeopardizing the hardware. To this point I have tried to connect the hard disk, as it was, to the IDE channel of the mainboard and I have ascertained that the driver of the controller wasn't loaded. The IBM hard disks have a lifting mechanism of the heads at the computer shutdown. In poor words the heads return into the rest state and lifted by the dishes sending forth a characteristic mechanical noise. Usin

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