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Problem opening files in Microsoft Office XP Professional with Frontpage

By floringeorge2001 ·
As an administrator I am facing a problem with one computer of one of our employees . Some of the Microsoft Office files can not be opened/copied /moved anymore.When trying to do this we received messages such as:
a) "cannot copy file: File system error ( 1148)"
b) "connot move file: File system error ( 1148)"
c)"Cannot find file '(null)' ( or one of its components).Make sure the pathe and filename are correct and that all requiered libraries are available"
d)I tried also to read the properties of the respective files in order to change the permissions and /or the ownership of the respective files, but it was impossible.The message I received was " Properties are not available".

An additional information is that during the past 9 month the former network administrator performed many changes of the company's domain on the server and the previous user log-on profiles have been modified and I am wondering if the problem I am facing in opening the respetive files is related to the fact that those files were previously created under the former domain's user log-ons
I shlould mention also that it seems that the respective computer has the Microsoft Office corrupted since we are facing also the following problem: when we try to open some Office files (Excel, Word , Powerpoint... ) we receive the message "Preparing to install"...and only after 2-3 clicks on the "cancel" command of the respective message we were able to enter in the Word/excel/Powerpoint programs and then when clicking again on the respective files we were able to opened them eventually.
Also I was able to make functional on the respective computer the Windows automatic update only but not the Office update that are available on the Microsoft web site. I tried several time to use the Office update facility on the Microsoft web site but each try has failed and the message recieved form the respective web site was related to the Windows Journal Viewer and Windows Installer.
It seems also that in the previous months the antivirus program that was installed on the respective desktop did not functioned properly so I am wondering if our problems was generated by a virus /worm.
I would appreciate any support in fixing these problems since the respective files contain valuable information for our company.
Many thanks in advance.


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by jhansen In reply to Problem opening files in ...

ok for the file problems.

On the parent folder right click and select properties. goto the ownership tab. Take ownership and make sure that the checkbox to select all children is selected. next go to permissions. change the permissions such that the correct user accounts have permission to access the file. hit apply and ok. This should fix the problem. If not, you may have some corruption of the file system, attempt to copy the data to a different hard drive.

For the Office Problem
ALWAYS COPY OFFICE TO THE LOCAL C: THEN INSTALL IT. NEVER INSTALL OFF THE CD ROM OR OFF THE NETWORK. for all the computers having the problem, uninstall it and then copy the contents of the cdrom to the computer and then reinstall it off the files on the c drive. you will never get that error again.

for the officeupdate problem. It is very likely that your DNS server settings are incorrect. If your using a win2000 or 2003 server, DNS is critical that its set up correctly. Its hard to describe what correct is, but if you don't know and want to find out, call microsoft. for 250 bucks they will do it for you over the phone. after you see how its supposed to be set up a couple of times, then youl know.

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