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problem opening Microsoft Office & Excel

By jeanacuttill ·
I have recently installed Microsoft Office 2000 on a XP machine and I can open Outlook, Access & Powerpoint but I am not able to open Word or Excel? I am running 800 x 600, 32 bit mode and when I open these applications I change to 8 bit mode. I have installed all service packs and updates from Microsoft and this hasn't fixed the problem. I have installed and re-installed, ran Dell Diagnostic tools and no fixes...can someone help??

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by johnj In reply to problem opening Microsoft ...

Did the account used to install Office have admin rights for that PC? Why are you switching to 8-bit video mode? Is the PC switching video mode, or are you switching manually?
John Wheaton

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by jeanacuttill In reply to problem opening Microsoft ...

I am not switching the video mode..that is what happens when I open Word and Excel and after the screen goes black..goes into 8 bit mode and then I get the Microsoft error reporting window and then it closes...any suggestions??

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by jeanacuttill In reply to

Also, thanks for responding John..yes, I have admin rights on the is really weird..I have had a couple of IT people look at it and no one has come up with a fix yet?? Thanks, again..

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by TechinCA In reply to problem opening Microsoft ...


Does this XP machine have multiple profiles installed? Can you run the apps from any other profile? Also, when installing the application did you accept all defaults or customize the install? Instead of removing/reinstalling the entire Office suite, try going to Add/Remove programs, then hit "Change". Check to insure that all Word and Excel features are selected, then see if that works.

You also mentioned this was a Dell. If the video keeps switching back to 8bit, have you tried upgrading to the newest video drivers? Good luck!


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by pptmagic In reply to problem opening Microsoft ...

I agree with what Matt said and add the following:

If you're on a network, disconnect and log on to the workstation, not the network.

Insert the Office CD and when prompted run Repair.

Glenna Shaw
Certified Word/PowerPoint Expert
Microsoft PowerPoint MVP

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