Problem opening new documents in Microsoft Word

By powlboyjr ·
This may have an easy answer I've overlooked, but when I open Microsoft Word 2003 on one of my computers, it automatically opens Documents 1, 2, and 3. Its not too much of a hassle as it is a minor nuisance. I can't even change the window to Document 1 or Document 2 to close them. Please help. Thank you.

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Well I can tell you how to change the Active Document easily enough

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Problem opening new docum ...

But I'm not so sure why it is opening these 3 documents every time that Word is open.

But to change Documents to active from being hidden click on Windows on the top Tool Bar and in the drop down menu you'll see the 3 open documents all you should need do is select the one that you want and that will become the active Document.

If this particular unit is on a network it's possible that a Group Policy has been set to open these 3 documents every time that you open word. But without more information on what the setup with the actual computer is it's impossible to answer any better.

If you would care to post back with some further details on how this particular system is setup I can maybe help you a bit better like is this a stand alone unit or part of a Peer to Peer Network or a computer within a domain?


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If you have been tinkering with VBA macros...

by Absolutely In reply to Problem opening new docum ...

For me, Excel opens the file that stores my macros, which I want to have available to all other Excel files every time I open Excel. In my case, this is a good thing, but some similar experimenting may have caused a problem for you.

If you go to the File menu and select Save As, what directory do you see? The first thing I would try is deleting the files from that directory.

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Trouble Shooting Steps

by v-9anks In reply to Problem opening new docum ...

1.Just try to open your word in semi safe mode by typing this command into the run box under start menu : winword /a.

2.It opens up properly ,then that means that you word application is running properly.This is because of the any third party application which is conflicting with your word application.

3.Now just type in %appdata% into the run box and hit enter.It will open up a window which says Application Data.Under Application Data just try to open the Microsoft folder.Under Microsoft folder just try to open the Templates folder.Under the Templates folder you will find a icon which syas if you are using word 2000.2002,2003 or normal.dotm if you are using word 2007. Just try to rename it as normal.old.Now close this window and try to open up your word application.

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Thanks v-9anks!

by ryan_ocol In reply to Trouble Shooting Steps

My Word would open with Document 2. When I opened the Templates folder, I noticed that I had a file called in addition to the regular Deleted the "~" version fixed my problem. I was also having a problem where the winword.exe process was using 100% of my cpu even when the word application was closed. We'll see if it fixes that too.

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v-9anks "Solution" to slow open & close of Windows 2003

by phantomvictor In reply to Trouble Shooting Steps


When I opened 'Templates' the folowing icons were available to me. ~$Normal and Normal. They did not have .dotm after 'normal'. I changed Normal to Normal.old and "Word" now opens and closes quickly as it did before.

THANK YOU!!! JHRobbins

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