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Problem opening word docs

By Shanghai Sam ·
Word from Ms-Office 2000 Small Bus Ed. on Win98se.
Occasionally, when trying to open a document, "Pure virtual function called" comes up. But the general error is an Illegal Operation. This also happens when trying to bring up Publisher. No problem with Excel.
When user signs into MetaFrame account and uses Ms-Office (97) there, the files open.
I had her run the Repair from Setup. Same problem. Had her run Re-install.. Same problem.. Had her Remove ALL, then re-install.... Same problem. Can't seem to find anything in Ms Knowledgebase. I used the "Pure virtual function called" as keywords.
If a full uninstall of Ms-Office (then re-install) didn't fix the problem.... Must be something somewhere in Windows... Doesn't quite narrow it down too much, but maybe someone "out there" can help me narrow it down some more???

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Problem opening word docs

by DKlippert In reply to Problem opening word docs

It's a programming error in the Printer driver. Go to HP and get the latest driver.
Here's one article form MS:
(Type the Q number in the search box at

Fatal Error Message When You Start Office Program


Here's what HP has said in the past:

HP Deskjet printers - Pure Virtual Function Call

The term, "Pure Virtual Function," is a concept implemented in the C++
programming language. The Pure Virtual Function message appears when
insufficient system resources, such as memory, are available to complete a
print job.

Following the suggestions below will free up additional resources and should
eliminate the message. After trying each suggestion, try printing again to
determine if the issue still exists.

Technique 1
Verify that the PC meets the minimum system requirements for the printer.
The user's guide that comes with the printer details the system

Technique 2
Close all programs running in the background by following the steps below:
Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open the Close Program window.
Select any program except Explorer, and select End Task.
Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until Explorer is the only program listed in the Close
Try printing again.

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Problem opening word docs

by DKlippert In reply to Problem opening word docs

Technique 3
Restart the computer to clear the computer's memory by following the steps below:
Close all open software applications.
Click Start, Shut Down, Shut down the computer, then Yes.
Turn off the computer.
Wait several seconds, and restart the computer.
Try printing again.

Technique 4
Delete the temporary (temp) files. Open programs use temp files. Once a program is closed, the associated temp files are no longer needed.
Close all open programs.
Click Start, Find, and Files or Folders.
Type, *.tmp, in the Named field.
Click OK. A list of temporary files will appear that end with .tmp.
Click Edit, Select All, and Delete.
Click OK to confirm that you want to delete all of the temp files.

Technique 5
Empty the Recycle Bin. The Recycle Bin holds all deleted files to provide an
opportunity to recover them.
Right-click the Recycle Bin.
Select Empty Recycle Bin.
Click Yes to confirm that you want to delete all files and folders contained
in the Recycle Bin.

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Problem opening word docs

by DKlippert In reply to Problem opening word docs

Technique 6
Verify that you have at least 60 MB available on the hard drive. In addition
to using RAM to print, hard drive space is also utilized for large print
jobs. Using the hard drive to temporarily store information speeds up the
printing process. Files printed at 2400dpi may use up to 400 MB of hard
drive space to print. While that amount of space is unnecessary for smaller
print jobs, at least 60 MB should be available.
Double click My Computer.
Right-click the C drive.
Select Properties.
Click the General tab.
Verify that the free space is at least 60 MB.

Technique 7
Try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer driver. Follow the directions
that are provided with the printer for installing and uninstalling the

Technique 8
Add more RAM to the PC. Adding RAM involves opening the case and installing
hardware, and should be done by a qualified individual.

Technique 9
Contact the PC manufacturer if the error persists.

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