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Problem printing after server 2003 upgrade.

By vasankorp ·

The school I work for recetnly updated our network to server 2003. There have been several other changes including an ISA server being added. We have been having a problem with the printers being shared on atleast 2 of the servers. Two of the printers we have noticed problems with are:

Epson Acculaser C1900
OKI C9300

The printers are networked with manually assigned IP addresses and have so far been shared through our domain controllers. They work fine for a short period of useage and then just stop responding. In the printer queue, the job that causes the failure just shows printer/error in the status. There are no entries in the event viewer logs. We can ping the printer, although it cannot be managed through the http interface or through a telnet session. This is only remedied by restarting the printer. I have tried restarting the spooler service on the servers. No joy. I have also deleted the logical printers, and created new ones.

I don?t really know how to proceed. Does anyone have any suggestions???



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Check IP Addresses and DHCP

One thing you may to check is if you have static address and DHCP address being assigned that one of the new servers are not assigning the manual address assigned to the printer. I know we have a router once that had DHCP automatically enable that started assigning addresses as soon as it was connected to or network. One sure way to test this theory is to unplug the printer and ping the address to see if you get a response. If so you need to track down the IP. This may cause your problem.

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by vasankorp In reply to Check IP Addresses and DH ...

Thx for the suggestion, but I've checked the scope on our only DHCP server, and the address is reserved.

I think that there is some sort of communication that is causing the an excess of information to be sent to the printer after a certain time as the activity light on the printers NIC just goes crazy.

I've called Epson to see if they have any 2003 compatible drivers, but no joy. I've not really covered anything similar in my MCSA so far, so I'm having to rely on good old fashioned trouble shooting skills. If I could find a tool to analyse packets sent to a printer, that would possible reveal the full extent of the problem, and a solution would be easier to devise.

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Similar Problem

by pumpkin In reply to

Hey, we have just recently upgraded our print server to 2003 and ran into similar problems. We are running HP printers and found upgrading the firmware on the jetdirect cards resolved the problems. It was a headache though. Hope this helps.

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