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Problem printing attachments from outloo

By spa.helpdesk ·
User has attached 8 documents to an email message. When you have the email open if you go file-print, there is a check box in the lower left hand corner that when checked will print the email message and any attachments in the message. When the user does this, she only gets 5 of the documents to print - if she prints it again, she still gets 5 documents to print, but not necesarrily the same ones print. She send the email to me - I can only get 5 of them to print, also different ones everytime. Originally I though maybe this function would only work with 5 or less attachments, but I tried cutting it down to only 5 attachments in the email and you still couldn't get them all to print. Each one of them will print if you open it up individually from the email and print it. And when trying to print all attachments from the email, there is no one document that is a problem document and won't print - you just can never get them all to print. Very strange problem - any ideas?

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Problem printing attachments from outloo

by pjpatiky In reply to Problem printing attachme ...

spa - I have not encountered this problem with my cable ISP, Outlook Express. But I do know that some ISP's restrict the amount of KB's that can be transmitted in one email.
Perhaps, with your attempts at correcting, you may be getting the same number of KB's printed, but by correcting you have created a different starting point for your attachment printing. Therefore, you get different portions of your attachments printed as you are searching for a full attachment printing.
Example, I think Hotmail limits to 55KBs of email per message.

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