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Problem setting up a network

By nc-blakele ·
I have a Win2003 Server and an XP Pro machine, I want to connect the two together. the Server is configured as a Web server and is a member of a workgroup. My XP machine is a member of the same Workgroup all permissions are set on the shares on the server.

Server IPConfig: IP =, Subnet mask = and Default gateway = XP IPConfig: IP =, Subnet mask = and Default gateway =

I see the server on my XP Machine but when I click on the server it says I have no rights to access the server. If anyone can help me I would be grateful.

Thanks in advance.

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by curlergirl In reply to Problem setting up a netw ...

In a workgroup situation, you have to set up local accounts for each user who is going to access that particular computer. I assume you have a user account on the XP workstation. Basically, what you need to do, assuming you are not too concerned about security but just about access, is to set up the same account with the same password on the server, and then give that account whatever rights on the server you want it to have by adding it to the appropriate local security group (i.e., Administrators, Power Users, etc.).

Hope this helps!

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by CG IT In reply to Problem setting up a netw ...

see this how to article from Microsoft help and support. the procedures for setting up a workgroup with a server is the same as setting up a workgroup with 2 or more XP machines Home or Pro edition. Note: the server comes with 5 CALs. XP will allow 10 concurrent connections. If you plan on more than 5 concurrent connections to the server you'll need more CALs.

8 part series see references for links to parts 2 though 8

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by nc-blakele In reply to Problem setting up a netw ...

I found the problem after searching through the system a little, it was the Firewall. I have turned it off now for the internal LAN.

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One possible quick fix

by taylor In reply to Problem setting up a netw ...

I have had the same problem when everything seems to be set up correctly. The problem arises when you have to many connection to the server from one machine, the definition of too many i believe is defined by the server .

There is a command line "command" you can type to show the kill all current connection to any local server. type :

net use

at the command prompt to show all current connections.

if there is one made to your local server type:

net use * /delete

this will kill ALL connection to all local servers you have.

after that try to re-connect to the server.

This only works sometimes, it may not be your problem, but i hope it helps.

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