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By samsingh007 ·
hi every1n,

This is sam here, me n my misses had broke up last week n In her facebook id there are sum of my family member added, i asked her to delete them frm her profile but she is real *****, she goin with sum1n else n she add sum pics as well i dont want to my family member will see those pics. n want them to be deleted from he profile. cant tell my family member about we broke up n they will delete her. she come to my house n use my laptop for login in to facebook.

Is any 1n can help me out in this situation, plz

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For starters Facebook owns everything that is posted to it

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Problem sum thing persona ...

So no matter how much you may dislike any person who uses FB and no matter how nasty they are they do not own anything on their User Profile.

Also using a Cloud Service like FB is a silly thing to do to begin with and the basic user policy should be don't place anything on FB that you would not put in a letter to the Police.

Though if the Pictures are offensive or show the commission of a Crime you can make a complaint to FB and ask them to remove the offending pictures. Though that by no means implies that they can not be posted there again and again and on each occasion you'll need to make separate representations to the FB Web Host to have offending Pictures/Comments removed.


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