Problem switching on PC

By yinfen ·
I have a problem with my old PC, but I'm not really sure what's the problem. It's a Windows XP Pro with a Intel Pentium IV and 512 MB processor.
I got this PC around 4-5 years ago if I'm not mistaken.

The problem here is that when I start the computer, the CPU seems to be running since the LED at the motherboard is on, the fan is running and so is the power supply. However, the monitor remained black and blank. After 30 seconds, the light that indicates the CPU is on switches off, but the fan and the normal sounds coming from the CPU remains.

My questions are does anyone have any idea what's the cause? And do you think it is costly to fix it and will it harm the data inside?

On top of that, the day before I had just tried installing Avira and run it to clean my pc. deleted some trojans in it. The next morning, the computer was running perfectly. The problem had started during the night.

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Could be Many Things

by TheChas In reply to Problem switching on PC

This could be any of a number of things.

My first suspect given the age of the system is the filter capacitors on the motherboard.

Take a close look at the small metal topped cylinders on the motherboard. If any of them have bulging tops, (even slightly rounded) or you see what looks like a liquid near the base of them, the capacitors have failed. If so, you are usually best off replacing the motherboard.

If the caps look good, then try swapping in a different power supply.

Next, try removing all plug-in cards except the display adapter.

Then, remove and reseat the RAM DIMMs.

Still nothing? The next part I would swap would be the CPU.

If it still does not work, something else on the motherboard has failed. You can try performing a CMOS reset and replacing the CMOS battery, but I doubt those are the problem.


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by yinfen In reply to Could be Many Things

THe power supply and the CMOS battery had just been replaced 4 months ago. So I dont think it's the problem. Anyway, thank you very much for the suggestions. But, the chances of the hard disk to be corrupted is quite low, isn't it? I hope the data inside still got chance to be saved.

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