Problem using esata port on Asus V1s Laptop

By sr_srini ·
Hello folks,
I have bought an external hard drive case from Akasa Integral - which has eSATA and USB ports.

I intend to use the eSATA port. The connections and the switch setting ( set to use eSATA) have been made as per the instructions, including the hard drive ;-) which is a 750GB Samsung 5400rpm 32mb cache.

But the setup does not seem to be using the high transfer rate possible. It is sluggish and slow. It seems the port is behaving like a USB1.0 port, which i understand after going thru the web articles.

It is also understood that there are no special drivers that are required to be installed for this, the documentation too does not indicate any. the OS that is used on the machine is Vista Business, 2GHZ, Core 2 Duo, with 4GB RAM.

Please help me how to
Configure the ESATA port to function as it is supposed to and not an USB port ?

Thanks a ton in advance....

In anticipation

Oslo, Norway
PS: Please let me know if any more specific details are required

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Only one of the four USB ports is the eSATA combo port ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Problem using esata port ...

Are you using the correct USB port?

It is the USB port closest to the front on the right hand edge of the chassis:


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Yes, the right eSATA port is being used, but still :-( ...

by sr_srini In reply to Only one of the four USB ...

That is great response is real quick...

Hei Mycroft,
Yes, the port that is marked as eSATA is the one that I am using.
The pic you attached re-confirms that :-).

Highly appreciate ur response...

Anxiously waiting for the solution...


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Have you looked in Device Management to see what is actually installed?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Yes, the right eSATA port ...

These ESATA Enclosures don't themselves need drivers but they do rely on the SATA Drivers being properly installed, so check the Device Manager and see what is in there.


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Guide me Please, What and where should I look for in Device Manager

by sr_srini In reply to Have you looked in Device ...

Hei Col,
Thx for the reply, appreciate it.

I learnt that after going thru various articles trying to resolve the problem.

Could you please let me know how is the eSATA port mentioned in the Device manager ?

I could not figure out under the several items being displayed.

Your / any assistance in looking for the exact item representing the eSATA in Device manager could be helpful.

Once located, what should be the next step.

Highly appreciate the responses.

Thanx and Regards

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It's not the E_SATA Port it is the SATA Drivers

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Guide me Please, What and ...

That are required here and the BIOS to be set to optimize the hardwares performance.

E-SATA is just External Serial ATA and relies on the Hardware and Software that the system needs to be working correctly.

If it isn't then the ESATA Drive will not perform to the fastest speed possible.


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I stand corrected...

by sr_srini In reply to It's not the E_SATA Port ...

Thx for the correction to my understanding.

Please let me know which is/are the items that I have to look in the device manager to ascertain that the necessary hardware and software are available in my machine.

Also what are the drivers necessary for it work as desired ?



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Well the obvious one is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I stand corrected...

A SATA Driver to Suit your M'Board or SATA Controller Card and the OS in use. Basically if you have a SATA HDD this should be installed but it may not be Optimized for best performance or properly integrated into Windows.

It may even be an Old Version which had issues and has been updated since the original was installed.

You should also look at the BIOS Setup here and make sure that things there are correct. You don't want the SATA Controller if it's on the M'Board to be set to RAID unless you have a working RAID Array in place. Little things like that are very important here and will slow things down considerably. But it will not just be on the ESATA Connection every SATA Drive will be performing slower than it should be or at least is capable of performing.

You'll also need to read the M'Board Manual to see what Speed it supports for Data Transfer on the SATA Chanel/s. If the M'Board only supports SATA or as many call it now SATA 1 there is no way to make it transfer data faster than the SATA 1 Speeds.

There are currently several NB's around that support SATA 2 for internal Drives but only SATA 1 for External Drives. They do of cause call this SATA not SATA 1.


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