Problem w/ Filenames that include

By agilebrainz ·
Found this post unanswered, and badly need an answer to it. Help??

In my Office 2003 installation (with all the latest updates), if I "save as" a file that has spaces in the filename and enter a drive letter in front of the filename without actually navigating to the drive first (d:\test this filename.doc) it replaces all the spaces with %20 characters. The result of the above example would be "d:\test%20this%20filename.doc"

It happens in Word, Excel, etc. Any fixes for this bug?

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Odd, doesnt do that too me

by Slayer_ In reply to Problem w/ Filenames that ...

Can't reproduce problem. Case closed :)

But Seriously though.

So I opened word, file, save as. Entered a file name. Then went to the front and typed in a new drive letter and pressed tab.
It jumped to the drive, removed what I typed and left the original file name I typed. Did I do this wrong?

Does this drive need to be mapped VIA IP address perhaps?

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The only 'bug' in this situation is you yourself ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Problem w/ Filenames that ...

By entering "d:\test this filename.doc" at the Save As prompt, you are deviating from the established path.

The computer is expecting a FILENAME but you are inputting a LOCATION and in computer-terms, that is a URL.

URLs cannot include spaces (try typing a URL into the address bar of your internet browser and see what happens when it includes spaces). The SPACE command in a URL does not comply with normal protocols (the normal separator being a DOT) so the computer injects a Hexadecimal code - the ~%20~ to indicate an 'Unsafe Character' which doesn't follow the normal protocol.

(I think...)

* Space = decimal code point 32 in the ISO-Latin set.
* 32 decimal = 20 in hexadecimal
* The URL encoded representation will be "%20"

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Let me try to explain again-

by agilebrainz In reply to Problem w/ Filenames that ...

OK, I see I should not have sued someone else's post to explain my problem-

My problem is occuring only with a storage location 'in the cloud'. It is https://yada.yadayada.com/groups/files

We are using WebDAV.

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That link doesn't work. {nt}

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Let me try to explain aga ...
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re:that link doesn't work

by agilebrainz In reply to That link doesn't work. ...

Of course not. It was an example.

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in the save box

by Sue T In reply to re:that link doesn't work

navigate to the driver, folder you want it to save in and then enter the file name. This will take care of your problem. As someone else said, you can not enter the drive letter, etc. as part of the file name because it does not see that as a file name.

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