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    Problem with accessing my home network


    by cool_guy_520 ·

    i have a home network via netgear router
    i tried different ways to access my home network
    IIS(website) , WWW File Share Pro , windows remote and windows web remote…
    all of them leads me to my router if i tried web ip from my home network, and to nothing form outside my home network.
    well i opened the right ports in the router and in my windows firewall…. i also make a DMZ in my router to one of the computer ,nothing helps..
    of course it not the computer because i tried it without the router it worked fine
    i also did reset to my router and upgrade my firmware ,it didn’t help

    IS THERE ANY IDEAS ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the ony thing that worked fine with my router connected is logMEin , but in my work i can’t access this site.

    *in my work i can use windows remote ,windows web remote and IIS of course

    PLEASE HELP………………

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      by cool_guy_520 ·

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      VPN or Port Forwarding

      by iaredam ·

      In reply to Problem with accessing my home network

      1 possible solution is to setup a VPN between your home and the computer you’re trying to access it from. This can possibly be done through the router if it supports a VPN server, or through a computer/server behind the netgear router with port forwarding enabled sending the required ports to the VPN server Another solution would be to setup the router to forward port 3389 to one computer at your house that is always on, and set it up to allow incoming RDP connections. The latter solution will only work if the computer is running Windows 2k, or XP Pro

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