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Problem with Active X and need an opinion

By MongBoyJeff ·
Hi again,
My question today deals with Active X. For some unknown reason, I keep getting 15 Active X errors everytime I go online into the web. The errors are all the same, Ex: CLSID Invalid Application and lots of digits. What happens is if I'm in a website, any website and I try to see if my AOL had any messages, AOL won't open. I'll get error messages that I'm not connected wheras I am. I'll then go to my Norton System Works 2003 and clean out the cache and then I have no problem for a little while until the Active X builds up again. They're like cookies, they just keep coming back.
I'm pretty sure I can diable Active X in my security, but, is that a good idea?
Any assistance will be appreciated as always.
One more qustion, which is really an opinion.
I'm not really a game player, but, I've been playing in Site)and in order to play, they prompted me to download Java Virtual Machine 3.0. Now Sun Micro. sells this only, it's not free, so at the Sun Site, I downloaded the version 2 SDK, Standard Edition, V 1.4.2[J2SE] and it works very well for the games. What's your opinion on this download?
As always, I thank you all.
PS My OS is MS XP and I'm on a Cable Modem.

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by JackOfAllTech In reply to Problem with Active X and ...

ActiveX is the most evil, dangerous idea M$ ever had. It is so incredibly easy to totally screw someone but, at the same time, it does make it easy to do cool things on your web page.
YOU have to make a choice. I have it disabled on my PC and, as a result, there are sites I no longer visit because they require it. YOU have to choose to be secure or entertained.
If enough people say NO to ActiveX, maybe it will go away.


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by MongBoyJeff In reply to

Thank you rdschaefer, that's what I thought. I appreciate your assistance.

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by MongBoyJeff In reply to Problem with Active X and ...

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