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Problem with BDC

By sysadmin ·
In the network there is PDC and BDC there are total 250 clients that login into this domain. I am sharing a folder in the BDC to all the users and given security and sharing settings, but the problem is after few hours the user complain that they are unable to access the folder giving a error message that no more connections are available to the remote computer try later. If i restart the computer everything works fine again. This problem i was not facing earlier but once the BDC windows NT got corrupted so afteer formatting and reloading the C Drive this problem i am facing, i have reformated it, changed the network card. This is also the trend micro antivirus server.
Kindly provide me with a solution earliest.

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by darts32 In reply to Problem with BDC

One possible cause for this error is that License Manager has not been set up to grant enough connections to meet the demands. In this case, go into the Control Panel's Licensing tool and set up License Manager with the appropriate number of client licenses per seat or per server.

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by P. Dickason, CNE, MCSE, CCA In reply to Problem with BDC

Yes it does sounds like an licensing issue but I am suspecting that when you reinstalled the server you selected per server mode licensing. Since you are running with multiple servers, you need to change it to per seat. Give that a try and let me know if that was it. Hope this helps.

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by richard.l.bourgeois In reply to Problem with BDC

If you have set the server up per seat the you may be attempting to connect to a share that is configured to allows a specific number of connections, and that number of connections has been reached. Check the properties on the share on the server (i.e. increase the maximum allowed)

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