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Problem with BIOS update

By AncientAngler ·
I have a Sony Vaio PCG-FX215. I installed XP Pro about 8 months back. Runs fine, but I'd like to install a bios update Sony made available on the support page for my machine. Downloaded the file, ran it, but it doesn't even get to the stage of creating the floppy that's used to do the bios update. It gets to a point where it says "The
update is confirming the system model and software driver version. Please wait". Then, I get this unbelievably useless error message in a dialog box whose title bar says "Severe":
OpenFile 1 Failed

I've downloaded Sony's file three times, in case I was dealing with a damaged file. I've checked with their tech support to be sure it's REALLY the right file. It is.

I've googled for info about that error message, but I came up with fifty billion hits, all of which seem to indicate that it's a very generic error message, not specific enough to be helpful.

Other info & steps taken:
1) I'm logged in as admin during the install, and I have permission to write to ANY folder on this machine.
2) The install is handled by InstallShield
3) In Properties of the install file - original file name is stub32i.exe
4) Tried bypassing startup apps (ZoneAlarm, NAV2004).

Would it be worth trying compatibility mode? Could it hurt? I'm wondering if Sony expected users to run the upgrade BEFORE they installed XP, or after....

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some suggestions

by julie.schneider In reply to Problem with BIOS update

Try downloading the file from a different machine.
Then copy it to the Vaio and unzip it.

I assume Sony says this file is compatible w/XP...
Does Sony have an unzipped DOS mode version? Could they email you that version?

Is there a patch for the Windows Installer from MS? I've found that sometimes the Windows Installer needs updating--althoug w/XP you should be up to date.

You could try running it safe mode, but normally you shouldn't have to.

I would think if the BIOS upgrade is compatible with XP, then you should be able to run it after an XP upgrade. If all else fails, I'd call Sony and ask for a different tech.

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re: some suggestions

by AncientAngler In reply to some suggestions

Upon further tinkering, I found that the .exe file is nothing but a self-extracting zip file. I'm able to unzip it successfully, which results in nothing surprising: setup.exe, two .cab files, an .ini file, etc. I keep getting interrupted by the phone when I'm about to try expanding the .cab files. No idea if the effort's worth it, though. We'll see.

I emailed Sony and asked how to reach a rep who's a native speaker of English, based in the USA, who knows how to pick up a normal telephone handset. Their response: "Call our customer service number..." followed by the same phone number that connected me yesterday to someone in India. That person was apparently speaking through an aluminum tube filled with dry beans, with the whole apparatus held against a pillow and shaken as he spoke. On top of all that, he wasn't terribly bright.

Guess my mood.

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BIOS Problems

by dragonkeeper66 In reply to Problem with BIOS update

I'm thinking that the BIOS update is for your machine with OEM programs, and not for a machine running XP. "Box Computers" that come pre programed aren't programed with compleat programs they get just what they (Sony or who ever)feel you need. by installing another compleat O/S it changes the peramitters or the machine and there by changes any BIOS updates that might come along. I would get ahold of Sony and explain what you have done, the BIOS update you are trying to use might cause you harm. Jim (

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by kevg In reply to Problem with BIOS update

I don't know the machine in question, but here my 2 cents worth.
It's often the most simple problem thats over looked.
Does the BIOS have a flash protect. Sometimes its a jumper, sometimes its in the bios settings.

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by Bagmaster50 In reply to

First you need to determine if the bios flash can run from within windows or if it has to run from a bootable floppy. It always helps ro read the install readme file or instructions that comes with the download.

Bios upgrades are usually written to fix prior problems or to support newer OS's. Bios updates are also OS independent.

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Did you fix it, I am having the same problem?

by jamesdhanson In reply to Problem with BIOS update

Did you solve your problem? I ran into this problem yesterday trying to install more RAM. Same OpenFile1 Failed.


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You can get around it - if you dare

by MrWonderful In reply to Did you fix it, I am havi ...

Suggest you read all about all the BIOS updates
at www myplc com/sony/ Bios htm (insert dots).

Then if you are ready to go ahead, download and use the utilities there, which let you flash a non-Sony-recommended BIOS onto any model of AMD-based Sony Vaio laptop.

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