Problem with boot up

By ajus21us ·
ok im not a computer genius...this has never happened before but computer is set to shut off every day around 3 am...and when i start it the next morning it cant get past the will freeze there...if i restart it a few times it will work or if i push the reboot button and continuously push delete i can get the bios to load takes some time but it will load...then i exit the bios and my computer boots right up...problem here...but dont know what it is...please help version is windows xp i have heard it could be one of my hardrives is bad or a power problem...wouldnt i have seen that before?

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by ajus21us In reply to Problem with boot up

i have heard that it could be a bad hardrive i have hooked up or a power problem...but wouldnt i have seen that before? this has happened just recently

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What time is your Updates set for ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Problem with boot up

Could be that your Shutdown time is constantly interrupting an Update (assuming you are running a M$ OS) causing problems the next time you power-up.

It would help if you told us what type of computer you have and what operating system is runs.

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OK, before you turn on

by Jacky Howe In reply to Problem with boot up

the System remove the power cord from the PSU for a minute and then reconnect it. If it starts up it will be the power supply.

When you enter the BIOS are you saving the settings on exit. Is the hard drive being detected properly in BIOS.

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by ajus21us In reply to OK, before you turn on

ok i have an asus motherboard and windows xp home edition yes im saving settings in bios but only when it changes hard drives...sometimes it will change the boot order on its own...then i must enter bios and fix it...its asus p4p800-e
also my shutdown is set for 3 am...also i think my updates are as well...ill change that...ok i have avg anti was set for 3 am as well and to turn of computer upon completion...instead i have set my auto updates to 3am and my virus scan to 5 am shutdown computer on completion...i hope that will leave enough time inbetween updates and scans

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Replace the CMOS battery

by Jacky Howe In reply to Yes

and change the shutdown time to 2.30am.


Did it make any difference removing the power cord.

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by ajus21us In reply to Replace the CMOS battery

i havent tried the cord yet...explain that one more time...i turn comp off...pull out cord for 1 min and plug back if the computer starts on its own bad power supply? and i know the computer will start fine right only has a problem when i wake up in the mornings...after it sits all night\\
curious...what will the cmos battery do?

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what will the cmos battery do?

by Jacky Howe In reply to hmm

CMOS is short for Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor. CMOS is an on-board semiconductor chip powered by a CMOS battery inside IBM compatible computers that stores information such as the system time and system settings for your computer.

A damaged or insufficiently charged internal battery can corrupt CMOS or BIOS settings. Incorrect or corrupted CMOS and BIOS settings can cause startup problems or shutdown problems. After awhile it doesn't retain the BIOS settings and that can lead to problems like you are experiencing now.

Sometimes when you power down the PSU doesn't switch off all the way and it is still allowing current to pass through. By removing the Power cord you are draining that current.

The ultimate test is to use another PSU and then start it first thing in the morning.

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by ajus21us In reply to what will the cmos batter ...

is the cmos located in the psu? or on the motherboard? that is very useful information thank you much... i will let you know the outcome i will change the battery

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It's located on the Motherboard

by Jacky Howe In reply to where
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What Jacky was getting at above

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to where

With removing the Mains Lead is to discharge the Capacitors in the Power Supply.

If it starts up straight away the PS is going off and needs replacing as it is not offering enough protection from Spikes and other stray Frequencies on the Mains.

Instead of unplugging for a minute, unplug and press the Power On Button on the front of the case then plug the mains lead back in and see if it starts up now.


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