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problem with cd-rw drive and scanner

By irawanrudi ·
i used windows server 2003.
now my windows can't detect my cd-rw drive.
i can't found my cd rw drive at windows explore
when i see at BIOS the cd rw drive was detect
and when i open my device manager there is my cd rw drive but with yellow ! mark.
i was try to uninstall it and scan new hardware...the windows detect but with yellow ! mark
what i must do?

second i want to install scanner canon LIDE 60
i was install the driver to my computer and update the driver from canon.com
i check at device manager there was install with correct
but when i try to used it with canon software always said there is no scanner installed.
and when i try to used microsoft photo editor it always said there is no TWAIN or TWAIN does not suport

what happen with my computer?
what i must to do?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to problem with cd-rw drive ...

Open Device Manager and remove the CD RW then shut down the computer unplug for about 45 seconds and restart. When Windows opens a Found New Hardware Wizard should run and install the necessary drivers for the CD RW and if that doesn't work I would say that you have a problem with the IDE Controller on your M'Board or the CD RW itself. Either could be faulty so depending on the age of the units I would first look at the CD RW and then the M'Board but if one part is a lot older than the other that would be my fists suspect.

Now for a Canon LIDE 60 I've never actually used one of these but I've used lots of LIDE 40's and you should load the drivers and software in other words run the CD that came with the scanner Without the scanner connected and then reboot but only after the entire setup process has finished.

When the system reboots and stabilises you can then plug in the Canon Scanner and it should be detected if it has been plugged in prior to this it will remain undetected and unusable to you.

To access the scanner you need to open the Canon Scanner Tool Box as Windows doesn't see it as a Twain Device you need to use the supplied software.


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by Nilt In reply to problem with cd-rw drive ...

Col's got it pretty much nailed except one little thing. Don't neglect to sap out to a new IDE ribbon cable. Even if you don't get into the system and tinker I've seen those things cause this. I assume they move around slightly sometimes due to airflow and over time that breaks a wire or two.

It's always the little things like this we forget to check.

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