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By cglorenzana ·
Good day! i have a problem with my cisco here... it happened after i change the enable password. I can't enter the configuration (EXEC Level). My password doesn;t accept? (i'm sure about the password). What i remember i did was, I enter the configuration and then Enable.. I choose the hidden with No. 7 and then i save..after that i can't enter the enable... Please help me here.. how can i enter the confugration noW!... it will be a big help is some one help!


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Here is what i found...Part1

by Zen37 In reply to Problem with Cisco

on the Cisco web site:

If you lost the enable password, use the enable password global configuration command to configure a new password and press ^Z to exit configuration mode. The following is the command syntax for the enable password command:
enable password [level level] {password | encryption-type encrypted-password}

Syntax Description:

level level - (Optional) Level for which the password applies. You can specify up to 16 privilege levels, using numbers 0 through 15. Level 1is normal exec-mode user privileges. If this argument is not specified in the command or the no form of the command, the privilege level defaults to 15 (traditional enable privileges).
password - Password users type to enter enable mode.
encryption-type - (Optional) Cisco-proprietary algorithm used to encrypt the password. Currently the only encryption type available is 7. If you specify encryption-type, the next argument you supply must be an encrypted password (a password already encrypted by a Cisco router).
encrypted-password - Encrypted password you enter, copied from another router configuration.

In the following example, the password pswd2 is enabled for privilege level 2:

enable password level 2 pswd2

If you lost the login password, configure the console line using the login and password line configuration commands. Enter ^Z to exit configuration mode and proceed to Step 15.

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Here is what i found...Part2

by Zen37 In reply to Problem with Cisco


To enable password checking at login, use the login line configuration command:

login [local | tacacs]

Syntax Description:

local - (Optional) Selects local password checking. Authentication is based on the username specified withthe username global configuration command.
tacacs - (Optional) Selects the TACACS-style user ID and password-checking mechanism.

The following example sets the password letmein on virtual terminal line 4:

line vty 4
password letmein


To specify a password on a line, use the password line configuration command:

password password

Syntax Description:

password - Character string that specifies the line password. The first character cannot be a number. The string can contain any alphanumeric characters, including spaces, up to 80 characters. You cannot specify a password in the format number-space-anything. The space after the number causes problems. For example, hello 21 is a legal password, but 21 hello is not. The password checking is case sensitive. For example, the password Secret is different from the password secret.
When an exec process is started on a line with password protection, the exec prompts for the password. If the userenters the correct password, the exec prints its normal privileged prompt. The user can try three times to enter a password before the exec exits and returns the terminal to the idle state.


The following example removes the password from virtual terminal lines 1 to 4:

line vty 1 4
no password

If you lost the enable password, locate the enable-password global configuration command entry in the configuration and record the password.
If you lost the login password, findthe configuration entries for the console line and record the password indicated by the password line configuration command.

Hope this helps a little.

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Here is what i found...Part 3

by Zen37 In reply to Problem with Cisco

Is this EXACTLY how you typed in the command?
Did you put your password in ENCRYPTED form?

If not, consider that you don't have the password and proceed with the password recovery procedures.

Here is the link:

Good luck

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