Problem with converting videos into my portable devices

By gracie you ·
I am having trouble converting my videos into my portable devices. I am tired of installing one specific software and then convert the videos onto a specific devide. I want the converting function all in one! I?m using another free downloaded convert software to do it, it works fine with the first devices. But suddenly it just shut down automatically, no matter how I re-operate it, it just won?t work. Any one can help??

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A bit more information would be helpful ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Problem with converting v ...

What hardware are you installing (whichever) software you've got, onto?

What computer?
What software?
What device(s)?

Which operating system does your computer have?

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RE; But suddenly it just shut down automatically

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Problem with converting v ...

Was this a trial version of this product?

If so that trial has expired and you need to either use a different application or buy that one.

If you care to post back with all the information revel ant to this question like Computer Type, OS in use, what devices you need to Rip to and other little unimportant things like that we may be able to help you with specific Software Suggestions but without more information it's not possible to suggest anything as we don't know what you want to use in the way of Mobile Devices or what OS you are using so my preferred Linux Application may or may not be of any use to you here. Also it may not support the formats that you require.


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share to you

by kindam In reply to Problem with converting v ...

Free version of software has this or that functional limitations. Maybe that?s why your free software won?t work any more. I prefer to buying software at a reasonable price, which save me a lot of trouble. I?ve been using Cucusoft Ultimate Video Converter these days and it works REALLY amazing. You can get it from here:
Let me know if this helps.

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