Problem with Dell Latitude D600

By jasonusry ·
I bought a cheap D600 a few months ago and it's worked great so far for my purposes (light word processing, spreadsheet, internet browsing) it's worked great, that is, until today.

At lunch I'd apparently left it open to which it fell asleep. Also the power cord was typically if I leave it open and running it will go to sleep after 30 minutes. Though I don't leave it open often.

Today upon my arrival home from work, I found the screen black, went to awaken it and initially it woke right up. When I moved the mouse, however, the computer locked up. I tried a number of things to free it up...finally settling on CTRL ALT DEL also to know avail. I tried a hard reboot but the laptop will not power up. The battery light and the other three at the top right light up when I hold the power button down. Also the caps and number lock lights come on. When I release the power button, though, the caps and number locks go out and about three seconds later the battery lights, etc., go out. There is no sign of any hardware start up. I don't hear any fans or hard drives spinning. Does anyone recognize this problem?

Things I've tried...

Cleaning the ram sticks and contacts (Have two 512 MB sticks in it).

Charging battery...booting without batter and just AC power.

Beating the daylights out of it...(just kidding).

I've tried (most) of the F Keys to see if that will help...most everything to no avail.

Also when I plug it in it the power supply seems to be getting juice and the battery light blinks as though it's charging, however the lights at the bottom of the battery are not indicating that the battery is getting any juice at all.

Not a hardware guy so not sure what to do, but I do have a few files on this machine that I haven't backed up yet that I'd like to salvage rather than recreate.

Am I in big trouble or is there something I can do?

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

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by mamies In reply to Problem with Dell Latitud ...

It doesnt sound good at all. To me it sounds like its screwed although the data should be able to be saved if the Hard Disk is alright. If you have another computer I would take the laptop Hard Disk out and put it in an external case which then would allow the other computer to read the data off the drive.

I would wait for some more responses first as someone else may have come across this problem before.


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