Problem with Dial-up connection

By eatusing ·
This is my first time in here. I have question regarding dial-up connection between two(2) pc. I want those pc to be connected using dial-up connection, both pc has 56k modem PCI slot and running in WinXp Pro. I had already tested the lan card modem and its working coz I can connect to the internet thru dia-up connection. To be more precise with my question, I am trying to connect my PC1 to PC2 using dial-up connection (both pc had different phone numbers/direct lines), PC1 can dial PC2 and vice versa the problem is how can PC1 or PC2 answer/handshake with each other so they can both be connected using only those lan card modem? Is there any appliance, device or program that would make this connection happen? Note: I'm not using a Lease Line so external model like zyxel u-336s is not applicable. Thanks for the reply in advance.

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Yes it's possible but maybe not the easiest thing to setup

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Problem with Dial-up conn ...

You need to enable the ability to Answer Calls on at least one of these computers. You have to also setup something like Z Modem to allow the two system to communicate as well.

Sorry but it's now been years since I have done something like this so I'm not as familiar as some others may be with this procedure.

I haven't used Dial up for about 8 years now so I've forgotten most of what is required here.


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Network the 2 PC's?

by melvin In reply to Problem with Dial-up conn ...

Do you mean you want to connect the two computers(network) and shared 1 dial-up connection?

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Incoming connections

by Tearat In reply to Problem with Dial-up conn ...

On the computer you want to answer
Control Panel
Network and Internet Connections
Network Connections
Create a new connection

This will start the new connection Wizard
Set up an advanced connection
Accept incoming connections
Click to tick your modem
Click to allow the users you want to connect

The computer will now answer whenever the phone rings

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Its working...thanks a lot

by eatusing In reply to Incoming connections

Thanks a lot...Hi guy's earlier this day the connection's between the two pc using dial-up network had been established.

On each PC i just enabled and started automatic 'Routing and Remote Access' and also the 'Telephony'. It is under Control Panel, Administrative Tools, and Services.


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You might enjoy Hyperterminal

by seanferd In reply to Its working...thanks a lo ...

look in start > accessories > communications.

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