Problem with Encrypting SSD with Sysmantec Endpoint Encryption

By compserve ·
I am having problem with WesternDigital 128GB SSD and Sysmantec Endpoint Encryption. I use Sysmantec Endpoint Encryption to encrypt the hard drive of the laptop which is Western Digital 128GB SSD. The SSDs only last for about few weeks and it quits. I went through a dozen of SSD and it keeps happening. I wonder if anyone else has the same problem or idea what's happening. Thank you .

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Request for Clarification

by robo_dev In reply to Clarifications

Is this happening on only one laptop or several?

While SEP might be shortening the life of the SSD a bit, if a SSD is dying in less than a month, then I would assume there is a fault with the laptop, something like a faulty system board that's sending excessive voltage to the drive power leads.

As an experiment, does a SSD in a USB case fail the same way? This would provide an alternate interface/power source for the SSD, and may show the Laptop itself is faulty.

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by compserve In reply to Problem with Encrypting S ...

Thank you for the reply. It happens to several laptops but the same model, HP Probook 6550b, which are the laptop model our firm using at present. I replaced the the original standard HD which comes with the laptop from HP with 128GB WD SSD and encrypt the HD with Sysmantec endpoint encryption. Some laptops last longer than the other but soon or later within from couple weeks to couple months they are all come back with the error message " there is no HD installed" I did try to boot from safe mode without any success, run the hard drive test from bios with result: "fail" or " no HD". Used "killdisk" to save data on HD, but "killdisk" shows there is no C drive. Luckily most of the data was saved on the server.

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