Problem with File Copying/Moving

By haxdnoob ·
So, I have a portable hard drive with 320 GB of space (but with only 290 GB in actual free space), and sometimes, I erase my videos I had on it, and transfer the newer ones from on my computer to my portable hard drive, but for some reason, the thing won't do it all the way. every time I try to transfer files larger than.....I believe 100 MB, the copying/moving process freezes, and im forced to remove the hard drive manually (even though I understand it might involve file corruption) just to get rid of the frozen unresponsive windows.

I tried running a windows error check on it, and it did say it found 6 bad files or something and it said it put those files in a folder, but right when it told me, it froze again. I believe this happened when I used CCleaner to clear my thumbnail cache, as before I did this, it worked just fine, but since I did so, now it works like crap to be frank.

Is there anyway I can fix this, because I really want to use my hard drive again; really want to. Also, any attempts at bypassing this using a smaller 4 GB usb drive I also have has been rendered moot

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Have you ...

by lehnerus2000 In reply to Problem with File Copying ...

I have trouble with one of my external USD HDDs.
After I have used it at TAFE, my home PC claims that it is "Write Protected".
It takes several CHKDSK attempts to fix the problem.

How old is your HDD?
It might be "worn out" or it might have developed a hardware problem (e.g. controller problem).

Have you tried:
Checking for driver updates for your motherboard?
Using a different socket and/or cable?

If you don't have any files on the HDD (that you want to keep), I suggest that you consider reformatting it.

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I would run tests on the HD

by cpguru21 In reply to Problem with File Copying ...

the manufacturer will have a tool you can download from their website. If you need help finding, post make and model here and we can direct you to the correct download. I like to use HD Tune for a more non manufacturer specific testing tool.

@lehnerus2000 has a good tip, formatting the drive. If there a problem sectors on the HD, re-formatting will often mark those sectors as un-writeable and will make them un-available to write to again. HOWEVER this may be an indication that the HD is starting to fail. I am not sure I would keep and mission critical data on this drive. It sounds like you have all these Vids on another drive anyway.

HD are similar cars in that they have moving parts in them that are mechanical. These moving parts break down over time. Sometimes they break down sooner than expected. Sometimes the problem can slowly develop over time.

Good Luck and please post back here if you find anything and what tool/action helped you figure it out!

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Troubleshooting the issue...

by pghegseth In reply to Problem with File Copying ...

I've run into similar situations and unfortunately there is no single magic fix.
1. Try using the drive on another machine to validate if it's a hardware issue or software related.
if it works on another system you either have a corrupt operating system, a failing USB port, or a bad driver supporting the unit. If not, there is a problem with the hardware (HDD or enclosure electronics).
2. Assuming the PC system is okay (symptoms follow the Drive), remove the HDD from the enclosure and reset the HDD into the enclosure ensuring the connector is fully seated. (try it again... if it works it was a poor connection).
3. Assuming it still does not work, you probably have some some faulty sectors on the physical HDD media. The best way to 're-map' these faulty sectors is using the manufactures' utility to do so. The utility varies with the manufacturer of the HDD. Of course, using this will erase all your data currently stored on the device; so, back it up if at all possible. For example: Seagate's utiltiy is called Seatools and Western Digital's tool is Data Life Guard Diagnostics
While a simple reformat of the drive may cure some ills, the manufacturer toolkit is much more comprehensive... be aware that they take a long time to analyze and repair... be very patient. Also, do not use any (third party) tool that 'low-level formats' the HDD... these are for older drives and will kill the newer ones.
4. If this doesn't work and if the drive has a valid warranty, consider executing your warranty rights.

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Reponse To Answer

by haxdnoob In reply to Troubleshooting the issue ...

As I have no idea where to find the maintenance tool for my portable hard drive is, ill put what looks like the serial number and product number here, so you people can find it for me

S/N: W/X 10AB9F3860

ill try running the drive from a different port, and see if that works, and if not ill try running another error check again, and if THAT doesn't work.....then I don't know what to do. I think I had this hard drive with me since....sophomore year of high school, which I believe was during the year of 2008

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hard drive additions

by haxdnoob In reply to Problem with File Copying ...

also, the hard drive is a Western Digital portable hard drive, forgot to mention that before

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did another error check

by haxdnoob In reply to Problem with File Copying ...

I checked the properties of my hard drive, then used the error check tool, checkmarked the box for "scan and attempt to fix bad sectors", and it said it found 6 bad clusters, but when I clicked on the My Computer button in the start menu so I could check it out, the window froze, and it says not responding. What does this mean? Because if this keeps happening every-time I try to run an error check on it, then I'll just say "%^$& it" and trash the dang thing

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Problem with File Copying/Moving

by snaik95899 In reply to Problem with File Copying ...

I've had similar experiences with transferring large or small files from my backup drive to my laptop. Try checking your USB/SATA cables. I actually found that my cables were giving me problems. I changed them and it fixed the problem. Also try using different ports on your computer.

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Partition and Reformat

by shadocg In reply to Problem with File Copying ...

If the drive worked fine before but now is not it could be several things: as mentioned before, cables; corrupt sectors - optimizing your disk would help there; fragmented disk space - unlike a bag, where everything you put in occupies a continuous discrete space, your hard-drive space is arranged according to what you add and delete - so that a movie might be spread over many sectors or blocks on your disk. Again, optimizing your disk would help; last, you might want to optimize your disk, and then Partition it (single partition) and reformat it. If your problem is disk related, this is the ultimate solution. If it doesn't work, then it might be time to buy a new disk!

Hope this helps :-)

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Solved It!!!

by haxdnoob In reply to Problem with File Copying ...

It seems like whenever I have a problem like this or some other computer related problem, the best solution was apparently the most simple one.

I ended up checking my codec program and saw that it had an upgrade, so I uninstalled it, downloaded the upgrade, and tried copying a video I got onto my 4 GB flash drive (I found it on the ground at my old high-school, had nothing on it, and no one went to claim it). The video was 200 MB, and using teracopy to copy it over, it worked, albeit the small preview window thing didn't show, but I fixed that with a repair install of my codec (using the shark 007 vista codecs).

I guess something wrong went with my SharkCodec and an uninstall and upgrade fixed it. Once again, I thank you all for helping me, and giving me these solutions, and im damn well glad it isn't my hard drive going faulty. But before this gets closed, can anyone tell me what type of usb cable my portable hard drive uses and where I can get a replacement, because I've been wondering where to find one just in-case one of the wires in my usb cable goes bad or something.

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Reponse To Answer

by haxdnoob In reply to Solved It!!!

Also, I ended up having a minor browser freeze, and decided to restart my computer, and when I ended up booting revo uninstaller pro, it showed a program called BrowserProtect that installed itself.

I can't seem to find much good enough reviews on it, but I accepted it as a virus of some sort, as even though McAfee, SUPERantispyware and malware-bytes antimalware said it wasn't, anything that installs itself without knowable consent from the owner of the computer is definitely a virus. When I tried using unlocker to unlock the file folder of BrowserProtect so I could delete it without windows saying no. it showed that its linked path was to a substantial number of programs and stuff I have on my computer that are safe, and im glad I got rid of it before it did any damage

So.....what's techrepublic's word on BrowserProtect. Also, this installed itself on my mom's computer too, but I got rid of it from there as well.

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