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    Problem with Firefox


    by foringmar ·

    I have run into a peculiar problem on a public computer that I maintain. The computer has Windows XP and two accounts, an administrator and a normal user without administrator rights.
    Now all of a sudden with the latest Firefox browser, one cannot get anything to open in the normal users account. But everything works just fine with Firefox when one uses the computer with the administrator account. Any good ideas about the cause of this anybody?

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      by foringmar ·

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      by robo_dev ·

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      There are many viruses that do a DNS hijack which will really ‘hose the computer’ to use the correct technical term.

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      by fregeus ·

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      Did you perform the software upgrade with the Admin or user account?


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      Also Try Removing Application Data

      by sajchurchey ·

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      Were there any extensions installed between the time it last worked and now?

      You may try removing Firefox’s application data in the user account (C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox) and starting it in the user account again to create a new profile. This will work if the Application Data was corrupted or if a bad extension was installed.

      Make sure that you turn off software updates in the user account and only update the program from the Admin account. If the user starts the update process, it will not be able to complete it and will get pretty annoying.

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