Problem with FortiGate VPN

By fox_x ·
I have a FortiGate 60 router, and I try to configure it to work as a VPN from my company's network to the internet (emplyees that are connecting with their laptop through the internet).

I read the documentation of - "FortiGate VPN Guide" but I still cannot succeed.

I think that I configured it well in the VPN -> IPSec phase 1 and 2, but then when I go to Firewall -> Policy and try to add it as a new policy, under the "VPN tunnel" I don't see the Key that I just made, and when pressing OK I get an error message - Entry Not Found.

Please help if you can..

Thanks and a have a nice day,

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Problem with FortiGate VPN

by monish_rajcrt In reply to Problem with FortiGate VP ...

Did you figure out why you were getting the Entry not Found? I am seeing a similar issue. What was the resolution?

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Any solution on your question?

by charlih_chen In reply to Problem with FortiGate VP ...

The VPN Tunnel drop down menu has only two option to choose from: --- Auto Key --- and Manual Key ---. Are you guys get the same issue?

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did you find a resolution

by jasonbh2 In reply to Any solution on your ques ...

Did you find a resolution to this issue? I'm seeing the same. Trying to setup a vpn tunnel between a Fortgate 60 and Sonicwall TZ200. The tunnel is established but I cant pass traffic. Getting the same results on the firewall rule, not displaying a VPN Tunnel to select in the encrypt policy. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Try this

by anxonghiep In reply to Problem with FortiGate VP ...

you need to bring down your tunnel before you can see that, go to vpn monitor, then click bring down, after that you can go create a policy.

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Try This

by inSecure_ro In reply to Problem with FortiGate VP ...

You can check a step by step Fortigate VPN tutorial here:

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