Problem with HP pavillion

By rossol219 ·
trying to fix my uncles computer. when you turn it on it comes up
windows could not start because of an error in the software
load needed DLLs for kernel

so i loaded the windows disk and tried to recover and to reinstall windows when this didn't work.
each time it came up

check for new hardware /software
disable BIOS memory options caching shadowing.

my uncle said he doesn't remember installing anything so i tied to go into safe mode to see what was installed but it failed to load and the initial error came up.

does anyone have any ideas?
help appreciated

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I would guess you have

by Jesus_C In reply to Problem with HP pavillion

an asus motherboard but anyway.Take out one module of ram and attempt the instalation again.Some motherboards are finerchy about installing on two sticks.If you only have one in there anyway then invest on new ram.This is supprisingly common

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by rossol219 In reply to I would guess you have

cheers.theres only one stick so ill try different ram

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still not working

by rossol219 In reply to I would guess you have

i only have one stick of ram and swapped it with some other ram and am still getting the same errors. any ideas?

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Then your problem is

by Jesus_C In reply to still not working

down to the data transfer.Either the disk,disk drive or ide cables you using.Now you going to have to go to extremeties.Take out all pci cards,any extra dc roms and hard drives and do the install.Buy two new ide cables and replace,there very cheap.This is to rule out the periferals.

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