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    Problem with hyperlink – HELP


    by hazellenazareno ·


    I have a problem with the hyperlinks between MS Word files.

    The Problem:

    If I try to open the hyperlink of a document (that is supposedly linked to a specific page in another file), it does not direct me to the bookmarked page but it just directs me to the first page of that particular file.

    If I redo it (open the same hyperlink the second time), it directs me to the bookmarked page.

    Is there any way that I can correct this problem?

    Your help will be greatly appreciated. THANKS.

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      by hazellenazareno ·

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      Associated problem?

      by glanbeunos ·

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      Having seen your enquiry I wondered if it impinged on my own and, if so, did you get a solution I could use?
      Background is Windows XP Pro and Microsoft Outlook for mails.

      About two months back I suddenly lost the ability to use hyperlinks from emails to web pages. Clicking on the line gives no response although I still can get to the web pages but by more laborious ways. If the link shows in blue, as does the one (below) which you sent me, I can highlight, copy and past it into the browser address. Similarly, but even longer-winded, if the link is something simple, like ?Click here?, I right-click and use ?View Source? to get a Notepad view wherein I usually can locate the appropriate address to copy and paste.

      Right-clicking on the hyperlink line below brings up a sub-menu including reference to hyperlink but they produce no results either. There must have been something I did, without realising what it was at the time, which turned off an appropriate switch but where it is I cannot find.
      If possible, please email me on

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