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    Problem with Kingston Datatraveler usb 2.0 device, request for help please!


    by romilos ·

    First of all i would like to salute the whole community cause it is the first time i am writing, but i have been reading and browsing for quite a long time.
    Let me describe you my problem for which i am asking your kind help.
    While i was working on my laptop at some files that where inside a Kingston Datatraveler usb flash drive 4GB
    Widows showed a message that the could not save the data from that particular usb drive and everything disappeared
    from that point and on the flash drive is not being recognised by windows
    at this and no other pc by the name Kingston(and the letter given by the pc) as it used to but it is called
    Removable Storage Media (+ the letter)
    and when you try to open it it sais there is no media storage in it.
    In Device Management/Disk Mngmnt/ it is recognised as Kingston Datatraveler usb 2.0 device
    but when i open disk Management it shows it as as Removable Storage(+letter) with no media in it
    When i open its properties it shows that it has 0 free space and 0 used space
    But it shows that the device is ready and working properly

    All the above in more than one pc

    I tried to use several recovery programs but some do not recognise it at all and those that do cannot find any storage media in it

    I used linux ubuntu which recognises it as USB storage device but cannot mount it and does not even show it at gparted

    It seems that the devise has lost its abillity to be recognised and read (destroed file system, or mbr)

    I have very important files of my job(that will take me very long to make them over again) and if there is any chance that they are not destroyed it i would like to try anything to retrieve them.

    If someone could help me by giving any advise or solution i would be gratefull.

    Thank you very much in advance,
    i’ll be waiting eagerly for replies.

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      If the file are really important!

      by computercookie ·

      In reply to Problem with Kingston Datatraveler usb 2.0 device, request for help please!

      See a data recovery expert, some of these people advertise free recovery tools which is good.

      However, if you use them and any other tools that you may find, it could add to your bill as it will make it more diffcult to recover your important files!

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        Thanks a lot for your reply ComputerCookie

        by romilos ·

        In reply to If the file are really important!

        I have already contacted to such an expert company here in Athens
        but without even seeing the problem the ammount they asked for my case (from the description i gave them) is quite big.
        So i would like first to try all the possible ways to retrieve the data (hoping not to do any more damage) and if there is no other way then…
        But i’ve been talking with people telling me that with some linux distributions managed to do miracullus data recoveries, actually copying data from completely destroyed media.
        Some other told me to reformate it and then recover, but it cannot even get formated.
        I dont know for sure what more to do but i dont want to give up yet.
        I just hope there must be a way

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