Problem with Local Area Connection Limited or no connectivity ? Realteck

By myeika ·
Realteck RTL8169/8110

I have checked and I can still connect to the Internet from my laptop with the wireless connection, so my live box is working ok.

But my main pc, which is connected to the live box via the Ethernet cable is having problems making the connection.

I put my mouse over the icon and it says ? ?Local Area Connection.
Speed: 100.0mbps
Status: Limited or no connectivity

If I disable it, ( the local area connection) and then enable the connection again, it says - Acquiring network address, this is up for a short time and then it says, Limited or no connectivity.

When I go into device manager/ Network adapters/ Realteck and look at the properties for the Realteck one, the device status says ? This device is working properly?. I have also checked to make sure there are no conflicts. But in the ?Power management section, the box is ticked to allow the computer to turn off this device to save power ------ Should that be ticked?

In the general section where you can click on the button that says ?Troubleshoot? when I click on that, nothing happens!

In the network connections folder I have another connection showing, although I have no idea what this is, it says ?

1394 Net Adapter ? I have checked with this too and ? This device is working properly? is what shows.

I have done a systems restore through the system tools, and restored my pc to the date before I installed the AVG,
but it still comes up the same, error msg, so I have now put it back to what it was before.

Where the ethernet cable is pluged into my pc there is a greenish yellow light.

I don?t want to make things any worse so I am not going to do anything with it now till I have asked for more help!

Please can someone help me?

Thanks in advance


PS: My daughter suggested that I unplug the ethernet cable and delete the local area connection on my pc, then plug it back in and create a new local connection..... As I said, I dont really want to mess about with anything and make it worse! Is this an option for me to be able to remedy the situation?

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by jmiller In reply to Problem with Local Area C ...

I would turn off the powermanagement box that allows the computer to manage your power. Did you try turning your computer off and restarting it? You Daughter has a good idea to. You may have a conflict with two commections I would disable one at a time and try to connect each time to see which network setting you need. Hope this helps some.

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