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Problem with Local User Group.

By is ·
I have many machines that seem to randomly change a user's local group setting from Administrator to Debugger User. This causes many problems for the user. My first question is does anyone know what causes this random change to happen. The second is does anyone know how to prevent it? Thanks, Jason.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Problem with Local User G ...


debugger user? are you serious? i am gonna have to look for that one, never heard of it.

got virus?

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by is In reply to Problem with Local User G ...

It isn't a virus. Any helpful ideas?

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by Gigelul In reply to Problem with Local User G ...

What kind of problems have your users?
We speak about a domain user or a local user added to local admin group?

I just checked two XP workstations (only to be sure) and the local administrator is member of debugger users group also/by default.

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by Gigelul In reply to

After you fix the issue on one PC it happend again?
Do you use some scripts to manage the users in groups?

I don't see this issue before.
Are you sure that this happend randomly or somebody don't know what he/she doing?

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by is In reply to Problem with Local User G ...

These users were local administrators on their box and domain users. They were not Debugger users before. I just looked and I am not listed as both. I am listed just as a Local Administrator.

What I have noticed about when people suddenly change to Debugger User is a wide range of things. Sometimes it is weird errors when running software on the machine. When installing software, it crashes.

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by is In reply to Problem with Local User G ...

There is still no solution to this problem. The only somewhat helpful area is in the Advanced tab of IE's configuration. There is a check box for 'disable script debugging(other)' that may have something to do with this problem.

I guess no one has ever had this problem...

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I have the same problem

by ericadawn72 In reply to

I have seen this problem as well. I was also looking for a solution to this. It is random and is not caused by any sort of virus. I just wanted to let you know that you are not the only one with this problem.

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Found a cause but not solution

by cbianchini In reply to Problem with Local User G ...

After much troubleshooting we discovered this occurs when an application crashes and you get the Microsoft window asking you to debug/send info to microsoft. It also can occur when doing a detect and repair in Office. I am working with Microsoft now to determine what caused this change to occur since it only started recently.

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I'm having the same problem...

by philipl In reply to Found a cause but not sol ...

I'm having the same problem. Randomly multiple PCs started locking up when clicking start. We found that the user had been removed from the local admin group and was only a member of the local debugger group. If we add the user back to the local admin group everything seems to be fine. I've read a few posts that say this behavior repeats itself. Please let me know if you have found a solution.

Thank You,

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We've solved this for our network... more or less...

by christian.mccarty In reply to I'm having the same probl ...

We have about 150 employees all running XP Pro - we're in a Windows 2003 Server/DC/AD environment.

I just joined the company about a month ago (my background is *NIX) and one of the problems they have is this same problem - local user accounts randomly switching from "administrator" to "debugger user."

This was really perplexing until I realized that "debugger user" isn't even one of the default groups in a fresh install of Windows XP - even after joining the domain.

I've discoverd that Microsoft Office (in our case, Office 2003) adds this user group when it is first installed.

Of course, this is good to know and we can simply delete that group after we install Office - but, now we have over 100 PCs that we'll have to visit, one-on-one in order to delete this user group...

Anyone out there know if this can be scripted?

Hope this helps!

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