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Problem With Mapped Network drive

By har278 ·

These are the details:

1. At the time when the user is logged for the first time he is able to access the shared resources in the server.

2. The shared folders in the server are mapped thru a drive letter.

3. After some time say about 20 mins to 30 mins, when the user tries to access the shared folder, the mapped network drive gives a problem stating that the network path cannot be found.

4. when this problem occurs i try to ping the server. This is successful.

5. The user again needs to relogon to access the server resources.

6. How can I resolve this problem kindly do help me out.

7. But even I have noticed that there is no Red X or the drive does not show as "Disconnected Network Drive".

8. I even tried to change the Idle time out value. But this Brings no result.

9. We have firewall Installed. We use Mccafee as the virus scanning software.

10. We r using Windows XP at the Client side & Windows 2003 at the server side.

11. We have two offices of our client. One office does not has any problems like this.

Pls do reply to this post as soon as possible

Thanks for the same in advance

With regards,

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Things to check

by smallbiz-techwiz In reply to Problem With Mapped Netwo ...

Harish, It sounds like you can make brief packet transfers, but no sustainable traffic. It could be several things but I would start at Layer 1 and work upwards. First, check your cabling from that workstation to the server. Maybe even try a different switch port to see if there is something flaky in that connection. You also need to determine whether or not this problem is isolated to only one workstation.

Another possibility is a flaky NIC. It should be easy enough to plug in another NIC and see if it makes a difference.

These symptoms sound alot like a problem I had with a VPN connection recently. It turned out to be the MTU setting was too high. You didn't mention VPN but I did see where you have 2 offices so I mention that in case this is a remote access issue.

If all those yield no results, it's time to check the workstation for spyware, viruses, rootkits, or anything that may be interfering with communication. Remove any "user entertainment" software that may have been installed recently.

If you have eliminated all hardware components, the only thing that remains is the workstation O/S (assuming that the others all work OK). If you get to this point, I would do a System Restore and roll back to a known good restore point. After that, you have to decide whether it's worth the time probing the registry further - or just reformat and reload.

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Same thing

by taplindy In reply to Things to check


I'm having the same issue and i've seen it on two XP machines. On both two backup applications (not the same) write to a mapped network drive a couple of times a day. Not often, but I do get 'path not found" on both machines. Then if I got to the internet explorer and click on the mapped drive to see the content, and try write again; everything is alright.
It look like te connection is somehow lost and explorer can restore it..
Why it happens I don know. I would really like to know also.


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by nshmakov In reply to Things to check

I presume I know how to convert "things to check" into a few words: "format c:" and happiness will come :)

Things such network connectivity and even viruses are easily investigated using standart tools and there was nothing to do with System Restore

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Re-Install NIC

by sridhar In reply to Problem With Mapped Netwo ...

Hi remove the drivers of your network card and re-install the drivers.

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by mloffland In reply to Problem With Mapped Netwo ...

Did you ever figure out what the problem was har278?

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Had same problem but it stopped when...

by craigybird In reply to Problem With Mapped Netwo ...

I use a USB flash disk that i use when i go out and about to customers, u know plug in and copy downloaded stuff from PC etc and also a USB network card that i use for testing here in the office.. when i have used these i get the same problem.. USB flashdisk is auto assigned F: .. if i dont use these items i dont have a problem..!!

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