Problem with maxtor hard drive

By rafico1000 ·

Yesterday I got a weird message while trying to install a game on my computer syaing:"Do you want to initialize Drive D?"

Unfortunately I pressed yes and now Drive d is gone. Device managder recoginzes the main hard drive if 250 GB and also the maxtor 40 GB.

But in Disk Manager I see only:
Disk 0: C | E

I don't have in disk 1 the maxtor hard drive.

If device manager recognizes it how come it is possible? What should I do?

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by balge In reply to Problem with maxtor hard ...

you have 3 HDDs fitted, right? or is that partitions?
did you try rescanning in Disk Management - Actions; rescan disks


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by rafico1000 In reply to first

I have 1 with two partitions (E,C) that work fine. and another one that is not recognized in the disk managemant. I tried scanning and didn't do anything.

I don't know what to do

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by balge In reply to Hi,

can you try chkdsk from recovery console?



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Before I do that

by rafico1000 In reply to chkdsk

I would like to say that when I tried windows restore it gave me a warning that Drive D is no longer available or was shut down. Hence, I decided not to do the restore.
What this recovery program should do?

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recovery console

by balge In reply to Before I do that

recovery console is a set of tools to repair windows, see here -


you could also try a live bootable cd such as UBCD (dont hit the spotmau ad, scroll down)


or Knoppix http://www.knoppix.org/

which contain partition tools

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I had a similar prob with Iomega HDD...

by Dillon.damien In reply to Problem with maxtor hard ...

The problem, in my case, was that the HDD was formatted for Mac but I was using it on PC.

The solution for me was to reformat the HDD to a different file system which was compatible with windows. The HDD then showed up in computer management and 'My Computer'.

Hope this helps.

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