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problem with my external drive case?

By gmgardner ·
Last September 2004, I bought a " MASSCOOL FI310 Aluminum 3.5" USB + IEEE 1394 External Enclosure" to work with my 250Gig Maxtor hard drive. This worked fine until about July 2005. Then the hard drive stopped working totally. It wouldn't work with the 1394 plug or the usb plug.

I decided to buy a new hard drive and use the same External exclosure in August. I bought a WD 160 gig drive this worked for about 2 months. Now this hard drive doesn't work either.

Now I'm not sure what's going on. Is it possible that the external exclosure is killing my hard drives? I don't have another computer to put the hard drives in to determine if they are really dead. I hope not, this starting to cost me a lot of money. The hard drives I've had in the past have lasted for years.

I'm not sure what to do now. Should I buy a new external case? I really need something external to easily use a backup device for both my desk top and my laptop. Note that this external drive is "gently" used. I do not carry it around. I leave it in one location for backups.

signed stumped,
- glo

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by B_Pope In reply to problem with my external ...

It appears the external case is likely cooked, there is a small circuit board inside an external HD case & that's what likely is gone bad.

If you hook up your 1st HD as slave in your PC you'll likely find that it's fine. If so then you'll need to buy another external case.

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by Sardukkan In reply to problem with my external ...

You should be able to plug these two "Dead" drives in any new computer you have if it supports "cable select" just ensure the CS jumper is enabled on the drive and plug it into you system & see if it is avalibe.
2nd Why not use one of the "Pre made" external firewire USB drive out there from Maxtor, Seagate or WD? If you get it all form one place you get a single stop for warranty.... <grin>

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by gmgardner In reply to problem with my external ...

I'm not using a "pre made" external firewire/usb drive because I have found the exernal case with an internal drive to be a much cheaper option. I have 1 another external case with an 8 gig drive in it that I have had for about 6 years and it works perfectly fine. I also have another case with an internal DVD writer in it. That too is working great.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to problem with my external ...

If you have a Plastic caddie and the drive is constantly running it is overheating and killing the drive. I've seen this quite often in the cheap caddies that are around.

Even the better metal case ones that the HDD screw into to act as a heat sink and dissipate the heat don't do a very good job of keeping the drives cool but they are much better than the plastic ones which can not conduct the heat away. You should also check the power output of the plug pack to make sure it is correct as these can go high or low in voltage and kill HDD as well. But if you have managed to cook one HDD in that caddie it is very likely that you have also damaged the interface card in the caddie as well and that could be the reason that the second drive died so quickly.


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by gmgardner In reply to problem with my external ...

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