Problem with my Icons on my PC

By jump28man ·
My Icons have disappeared. I need help to get them back up. Nothing will open directly from the windows menu. All of my apps are blank and read so weird code when I try to open them. A few months ago I updated my system from windows and this happened. Should I take this to a tech or try to recode it myself?

Mr. Allen

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From your question I am understanding that

by Sue T In reply to Problem with my Icons on ...

until recently and after you updated your computer that all was working well. You do not say what operating system you are using but I am guessing Vista or Windows 7 - have you tried doing a system restore to a date before this problem started? Had you installed any new software, drivers, updates just prior to this happening? What anti virus program are you using, is it updated and have you done a full system scan. Have you run Malware Bytes or a program like it to scan for malware? It is best to do these scans while booted to a live CD but failing that you should at least be booted up in safe mode. You can download iso for several different live CDs that you can burn to CD and use and you can also usually find one in the bookstore magazine section attached to a computer magazine. You may have to go into setup when you first turn on your computer and tell it to boot to CD first.

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Reponse To Answer

by jump28man In reply to From your question I am u ...

Yes I Installed windows 2012, yet I noticed the problem when I agreed to an update from Microsoft. They weird thing is after that updated, I tried to restore my computer and it would not restore. The message said I could not go pass the previous updated that created the problem. I did a full scan more than once. Yes, I have scanned for Malware also. After all of this I opened the black board programing portion and entered a code that fixes icons from the internet and I think made it worse. So

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