Problem with Network Setup Wizard

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I recieve the following error when I try to create a network with the network setup wizard on my laptop running Windows XP Pro....

Cannot Complete the Network Setup Wizard
An error occured during configuration of the network on this computer.
You can configure your network manually, or you can run the wizard again with different settings.

I am trying to connect my PC to laptop via cross-over cable (or at least this is what I think it is). It looks like this: http://www.infopackets.com/graphics/ethernet+crossover+cable.gif

The laptop has a wireless connection to my NetGear router. I want the PC (running Windows XP HE SP2) to connect to the laptop to share files/printer and internet connection. I have tried numerous times with both firewall's disabled.

When the PC is connected via this yellow cable to the ROUTER the gateway/subnet mask are the same. The IP's are xxx.xxx.x.2 and xxx.xxx.x.3 and can ping one another. My PC can sucessfully finish the network connection wizard and create the file but my laptop cannot. On my PC it saves the netsetup file on a floppy. I do not have a floppy drive on my laptop, could this be the reason why it cannot finish properly (all steps go fine except the creation of the file).

When I use the yellow cable to connect my PC and Laptop a connection is found but it says "Limited or No Connectivity".

Does anyone know what could be the problem, or how the setup the network manually? I was thinking maybe it was because I'm running Pro and HE but i've been told that this should not be a problem. Another possibility is that the laptop has no floppy drive and therefore cannot create the file, but I honestly do not know.

Any help would be extremely appreciated.

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well ya know

by CG IT In reply to Problem with Network Setu ...

if you have a netgear wirless router, why are you trying to connect the laptop and pc together with a cross over?

just get a straight through Cat 5 ethernet cable and plug into one of the wired switch ports on the router.

after that, you ought to just allow file and printer sharing on both machines, create some shares, allow the subnet the router provides the laptop and pc with addresses as trusted LAN address and you should be all set. Oh and join each computer to the same workgroup meaning they both belong to "Workgroup" now, create a new one with a unique name and join each to it.

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This would be possible but...

by admin In reply to well ya know

This would be possible but my router is downstairs (and it has to stay down there), which means that if I connect the PC via ethernet then there will be lots of wire everywhere. This is ok for a few hours but it really is annoying if it is there constantly, which is why I'm trying to connect the PC to the laptop - I usually use my PC monitor to increase my desktop workspace so connecting the two up together is quite convenient really.

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well ok,

by CG IT In reply to This would be possible bu ...

why not get a wireless NIC for the desktop?

works the same way as wired....

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Problem with Network Setu ...

Why dont you buy a wireless pci for you pc,there very cheap.A usb connection for your pc and the network cable to the printer from the laptop and map it.

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Because .....

by admin In reply to wireless

In my AOL user book it says that if you want to buy a network card for the router is has to be from them.
I would buy one from them but I am changing ISP in late Feb./early March. This is because AOL took x2 14.99 out of my bank and setup two dial-uo connections. They claim that I did it but on the day that it was set up I didn't have interent, my wireless router was still in the post. They therefore used my personal details to create another two new accounts. The fact that I also cannot use email software like Thundbird also bugs me.

They refuse to give me a refund. After ringing up numerous times they have given me two months credited to my account.

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Wirless cards

by smiley31 In reply to Because .....

Yeah i wouldnt believe that you have to buy there own cards. We go told this but after going on the router settings page and changing the wireless band, my grandparents laptop built in wireless card works fine at 54mps. XD
For anyone that dosn't know how to get to there router settings page, just type your default gateway ip in your internet browser address bar.

Also i am getting a similar problem with the network setup. When i run it on my computer, it runs fine, but when i do it on my laptop, its says the setup cannot be completed. The laptop can ping the comp, but the comp cannot ping the laptop. I really don't have a clue what it could be. I know it stopped working when i upgraded my laptop from XP home to XP pro and the WMI also does not work now. Please help!

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