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Problem with new Motherboard

By st8ofconfusion ·
I Just recently bought a ASUS P4S800,2.6 cel.512mb ddr400 and a fx5200.
The problem is when i put it all together the moniter would go to sleep mode (Orange light) i was at a lose so i started with just m/b ram and vga all went well it made it to post,then i added the hdds and cd rooms and all was fine again. Until i installed my pci modem then nothing orange light again modem works fine in 3 other pcs so i took modem out the install a live 5.1 and i get an error with ESCD?
Anyone have any ideas as to what is going on i have sent a support request to ASUS but they slow as a week in goal.

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by CG IT In reply to Problem with new Motherbo ...

there's a couple of different flavors of the Asus P4S 800. There's the basic P4S800, P4S800-MX, P4S800D. Which one? Also another question, you mention installing a modem, taking it out and installing a Live 5.1. Now a modem is for dialup communications and from your wording the "Live 5.1" I assume to mean a Creative Labs Live 5.1 Sound Blaster sound card? Which one?

The P4S800 mainbaord [no style designation] has onboard audio and onboard ethernet. If the onboard audio is enabled and you stick a PCI audio card like the Sound Blaster Live 5.1 in there you might be getting a conflict. Further the P4S 800-MX has onboard video so if you have that flavor of mainboard with the onboard video enabled and you stick in a NVidia FX 5200 graphics card, you'll have a video adapter conflict.

So, back tot he beginning, which flavor of P4S800 mainboard you got there?

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by st8ofconfusion In reply to Problem with new Motherbo ...

It is a asus P4S800 onboard lan and audio, audio is diasabled in bios.
Its a lucent win 56k PCI modem
What is ESCD.

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by RCOM In reply to Problem with new Motherbo ...

ESCD means Extended System Configuration Data
It is used to update the system if changes are made. Windows like to handle this and so often there's problems after windows changes ESCD. Then when the computer reboots the BIOS makes its changes and there's a looped fight for who will be in control.

Check in your BIOS to see if plug-n-pray is enabled if so disable it and enable reset configuration data.

Boy you really jumped from the fire to the flames with that Creative modem, most seem to like them but I've had problems and don't like them at all.

So anyway while your in the BIOS disable one or both serial ports and that will free up resources for the modem to use. Also try swithcing PCI slots.

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