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Problem with New PC booting

By aclandes ·
I have been reading on the forums, and I didn't see a problem quite like mine. Here are my problems with system config.

Here are my current components
AMD Athlon 64 Socket 939
MSI K8T Neo 2 Socket 939 Motherboard
MSI Nvidia 6800GT 256MB
1Gig of Geil 400mhz PC3200
Zalman CPU cooler
Western Digital SATA Raptor 10k rpm 74 gig
Thermaltake Butterfly 480W PSU w/ Active PFC
NEC DVD Burner

Okay, I am having a tough tough time trying to get this new PC to boot.
First problem:
The motherboard won't boot if my CMOS jumper is on Pins 1+2. The manual says to have the jumper on pins 1+2 to keep the information. However, I get no power if I have the jumper on the pins. If I move to pins 2+3, the PC will boot, but the first screen says No Bios Detected, next screen, detects the hard drive. Then it brings up the motherboard screen to let me pick if I want to bring up my Setup. If I do so, I can access the the bios and cmos choices, but when I go to save and exit, it tries to reboot and to no luck. Then I have to move the pins back, lose all the information, move them back to 2+3 and then it works. Any ideas on what I can do to stop doing that?
Second problem:
When I can to the motherboard screen, I can pick to continue with default settings, and then I can get to my boot sequences menu. With that, I can put in my windows disk. and let it go through Windows Setup. However, once I get to the screen that asks me with I want to install a fresh copy of windows, it says it cannot pick up any hard drive. Do I need to install RAID drivers for a single SATA drive? I know that sounds ridicilous, but I am honestly out of ideas. I have 4 SATA ports on my motherboard, but I have the SATA cable plugged into SATA 1 input. The motherboard is picking up the hard drive before I reach there. Please please, any help, I am at the end of my knowledge, almost thinking of scraping it all, send it back and start over.

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by willcomp In reply to Problem with New PC booti ...

Yes, you must install the RAID drivers for Windows setup to recognize your hard drive even though you have only one drive. The same drivers are used for both RAID and non-RAID configurations. Intel and nVidia chipset motherboards do not require the old F6 driver install, but VIA chipset boards do.

Boot problem with normal/clear BIOS jumper indicates a faulty motherboard. You need to return board for another one. MSI is a quality manufacturer, but they all can produce a dud.


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