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Problem with onboard sound

By oojijoo ·
I recently bought a durapro board AMD Duron with onboard sound. The sound coming out of the speakers is fine but the problem is they dont get loud at all. They were LOUD in my other system but now I have to bring the speakers up to my ears to hear music or any other audio. CAN ANYONE HELP???????

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by dmiles In reply to Problem with onboard soun ...

Trouble shoot the sound volume by clicking on the speaker icon in the system tray,move the slider upward to increase the sound.

Open the Multi-Media theu the control panel and see if the volume is set to high

The last suggestion would be o check the on board sound drivers to see if you have the lastest Via all-in-one updated drivers

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by TheChas In reply to Problem with onboard soun ...

In addition to volume control settings, make sure that you are using powered speakers.

On-board sound processors do not have the power to directly drive speakers. They have "line level" outputs.

Many cannot even drive headphones without an amplifier.


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by cd728 In reply to Problem with onboard soun ...

Best bet would be to check the OEM On Board Sound driver CD that comes with the board itself and additionally check if the PC speaker has caught loose screws in it. I've encountered that before and found out that two loose screws were the culprits. After removing the loose screws it worked perfectly fine.

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by HereInOz In reply to Problem with onboard soun ...

I'd go along with Chas. If your previous set up used a sound blaster card, and you are now using on board sound, the speakers will need to be powered to produce satisfactory sound levels.

The Sound Blaster card can drive unpowered speakers to good levels, the on-board sound chip cannot.


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by phearchyld In reply to Problem with onboard soun ...

Well I have run into that many times and the way I always fix it is to get a better power supply. Chances are your other system either had less of a draw on the power supply or had a better PS than your newer computer. What is the current wattage of your PS on the quiet puter? Also what are the specs of your whole system?

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