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Problem with Outlook 2000

By Cheesel ·
Hi, I have a user who is using Windows 2000 and Outlook 2000. suddenly whren she tries to save a task she is unable to do so. She gets an error message that Outlook is unable to save the task. Any ideas would be appreciated.

BTW, the error message she gets says "One or more parameter values are incorrect".

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by entawanabi In reply to Problem with Outlook 2000

Have the user check to see how much space is available in their own unit, not the system.

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Event Log Codes

by BFilmFan In reply to Problem with Outlook 2000

What errors are being reported in the Event Log?

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Nothing in the Event Logs

by Cheesel In reply to Event Log Codes
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Some things to try

by Starderup In reply to Problem with Outlook 2000

Can she save other items, like appointments, calendar events, notes?
I was not able to find anything on that error message. Is that verbatim?
Is the problem always there, or can she sometimes save tasks, sometimes not?

Try Help>Detect and Repair. This will often find a damaged file or setting. If it is just a setting, it seems to be able to fix it. If it is a file, it will ask you for the Office CD. My only complaint about Detect and Repair is that it doesn't tell you what it has done. If it doesn't ask for the CD, you don't even know if it found anything wrong.
Good luck. I'll check back to see how you did.

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Another thing to try

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Some things to try

Try to create a different task, a simple one with just a comment and start and due dates. Then try adding reminders and recurrences.

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by HillBilly Tech In reply to Problem with Outlook 2000

Have you tried to achive your pst. folder. pst. folder may be full.

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by noyoki In reply to outlook

If the *.pst gets to be over 2 gigs, Outlook starts complaining.

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Where is the task?

by No Shoes In reply to Problem with Outlook 2000

Is the task that the user is trying to save located in a pst file or the mailbox? If it's in the pst file I recommend running a repair on the file. To do so...

Navigate on the client machine to
C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033
and run scanpst.exe

repair the pst file. If the Task is saved in the mailbox there are similiar tools that can be run against mailboxes.

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Thank you everyone, it is working.

by Cheesel In reply to Problem with Outlook 2000

Doing the detect and repair did not help, so I did a right click on the Tasks folder, went to Properties, then Synchronize. I undid the filters, then I went back to Actions and did the Save task Order. After that, I had no problem saving tasks.

So, thanks again everyone!

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