Problem with Outlook 2003 Calendar views

By claire.good ·
When viewing my calendar in "Work Week" view there are meetings missing that show up only when I switch to "7 Week" or "Month" view. I cannot seem to get an answer that will help. I have checked to make sure there are no filters set on any of the views.....

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Same Problem

by ridedoug In reply to Problem with Outlook 2003 ...

I have the same problem. Did you get any answers?

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Same thing

by Kathleen R In reply to Same Problem

Just wondering if a fix has been found. I run a computer lab at our high school. Suddenly, most of our Outlook calendars do not show appointments. they MAKE them, because they report conflict in appointments, but they don't show them.

Checked options, Current View, filters, Control Panel aspects that impact Outlook, and checked settings on one that worked, right next to one that didn't. I can't find the disparity.

If anyone knows anything, please pass it on.

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Found Fix

by Kathleen R In reply to Same thing

In my case, I had changed the location of the personal folders, and had rerouted Outlook to pick up the new one instead. In the process, I forgot to set up a new Profile (Control Panel, Mail, Profiles) which included the e-mail and data info for the new location. Once the profile was updated, the problem of displaying the correct appointment/event info was solved.

Works fine now. I have detailed info on how we solved it here. contact me off list if you need it.

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I need the fix

by jingtu In reply to Found Fix

Hi Kathleen,

We are having the same issues here. Could I have the detailed fixes? Thanks!

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Calendar View okay in OWA & for Delgate

by Csmith In reply to I need the fix

Why would appointments on the calendar be viewable in Outlook Web Access and when the delegate views the calendar, but not viewable on the orginator's Outlook?

Hobbs, NM

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Hey Charlotte

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Calendar View okay in OWA ...

Why don't you start a new thread. This one is old and your question may be overlooked if people aren't looking down the list at all the replies.

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Same issue with Calendar

by scottgr2 In reply to Found Fix

Would appreciate your fix. Thanks

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