Problem with outlook 2007

By bamenny ·

I'm experiencing a technical issue with outlook 2007.
After setting my outlook to download email from GMAIL, everything worked great for few weeks.
Then, suddenly, without any prior announcement, my (rude) outlook stopped downloading new e-mails.
As if, there is a specific e-mail message that it cannot retrieve. Or the connection gone bad?.

BTW, Sending email, using my outlook is still applicable.

Any suggestions?
(Please advice, no one else found the problem)


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delete the gmail account on your outlook

by El_Duce In reply to Problem with outlook 2007

or even the whole account and recreate it.

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Wouldn't it make outlook to re-download all of my e-mails?

by bamenny In reply to delete the gmail account ...

Is there a way creating a new account without getting outlook to retrive mails i've already downloaded and deleted?

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by El_Duce In reply to Wouldn't it make outlook ...

all your mail is stored in a?*.pst file. What you can do is delete your outlook profile in configuration panel/mail and recreate another one with a new pst-file. Then you can setup your gmail and delete all mail before that day and import from the old pst.

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by bamenny In reply to hmm

10x, i'll try this one.

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Well... the solution

by bamenny In reply to Genius!

I've established a new account.
But, the outlook again didn't download any new e-mails (e-mails received, after the same spesific date).
This made me think that there is a specific E-mail message that the outlook can't handle.
So.. I've logged in to my gmail account,
deleted the first message that the outlook didn't download and indeed, the outlook started do download new emails.

10x for your help in this troubled time.

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credits to yourself

by El_Duce In reply to Well... the solution

glad you sorted it out

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