Problem with Outlook's junk mail folder

By Dewberry ·

We are regularly sending distributions via mail to our clients, often 2 mails per month.

We have now discovered that for many of our client's, using Outlook 2003 and higher, the mail is automatically transferred to Outlook's junk mail folder.

I have researched how the junk mail folder categorizes spam, but it seems like this is done by Microsoft's own algorithms locally and that it's not connected to any spam blacklist or similar.

How can we make sure that our mails don't end up in Outlook's junk mail folder for our clients?

Looking forward to any reply that may help shed some light on this subject.


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There is nothing wrong with Outlook.... Change your ways......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Problem with Outlook's ju ...

Outlook's junk mail filters are kept up to date by Microsoft based on reports from people, like your clients, who have been receiving unsolicited email they don't want. Obviously, you're sending to people who either did not ask for the newsletter or who would like to unsubscribe but there is no obvious way to do that.

There is very little you can do on the sending end, except to change HOW you're sending the newsletter. For example, the location of the sending domain MAY score points in the algorithm, the fact that it's HTML MIGHT score points in the algorithm, links in the newsletter MAY score points in the algorithm, certain words in the subject MAY score points in the algorithm, etc..., etc..., etc... It's the total score earned which throws the newsletter into the Junk Mail folder.

You can also tell your clients to put your email address on the safe senders list so your email does not get filtered as Junk Mail. Of course, if they choose NOT to do that, your newsletter will still end up in Junk Mail. That's the end user's prerogative, so I would suggest you clean up your client mailing list to remove those who don't want the newsletter and be SURE to give the end user a secure way to UNSUBSCRIBE instead of reporting your newsletter as SPAM.

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