Problem with PA-1900-02D AC Adapter Dell 710m

By martin ·
I've been through two AC Adapters for my Dell 710m in the past two months. They both have had the same problem: when plugged in, the green light doesn't light up, and the computer doesn't get any charge.

My laptop battery is unaffected by the recall (type X545. The only thing that I can think of is that water may have gotten inside the brick during my commute, but that brick looks pretty bombproof.

I don't want to have to buy a third AC adapter...

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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Not the fault of the adapter

by mjd420nova In reply to Problem with PA-1900-02D ...

This sounds like the fault is in the laptop converter circuit and not the adapter itself. Possibly the connector inside the laptop has broken loose from the circuit board. This is indicated by the no green light when the adapter is plugged in.

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Clarification: green light = light on AC adapter

by martin In reply to Not the fault of the adap ...

Thanks for the reply. To clarify: when I plug in just the AC adapter (into the wall, not connecting the laptop) the green light on the AC adapter does not light up. In the past, the green light on the AC adapter would light up when plugged into the wall, but not the computer.

Until this started happening, the power light on the laptop would turn on and off normally, and the laptop would receive power normally.

Do you still think it's a problem with the laptop converter circuit?

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