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    Problem with recent deployment of NAV 5


    by ryan.turner ·


    We recently pushed via login script executed package a Norton 5.0 installation to apx 3000 machines. Our servers are NT 4 and our clients are NT4 with a few (maybe 200) Windows 95 boxes. After the 95 installations, some of the users are seeing a failure in navlu32.exe on startup during the login script. This is a file associated with Live update. We are unable to clean this error up with a manual uninstall and reinstall. It sometimes has no effects on the machine, but sometimes willlock it up completely. Remember, our NT boxes have no problems. I send it here before calling Norton.

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      Problem with recent deployment of NAV 5

      by calves ·

      In reply to Problem with recent deployment of NAV 5

      After uninstall did you check to see if the trouble file was removed from the system?

      You’ll probably find this info on Symantec page, and it’s probably not related to your problem, but Symantec suggests that a few changes be made to config.sys on 95 machines:

      add the following lines


      the above is necessary due to the way Norton checks the system files. It loads itself b4 the himem.sys and that causes problems. By adding that line you ensure that himem.sys will load first.

      Good Luck!

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