Problem with Remote Desktop web Connection

By saifoelbahri ·
I have problem to remote desktop web connection.
my office using ADSL Modem Ovislink ARM-104 to connect the internet and sharing to all user.
All user using windows xp Professional.
My ISP gived to my company just 1 IP public.
I just able to remote dekstop web connection user's computer on internal network, but when i remote from outside through internet its doesn't work. There is message "the specified remote computer could not be found. verify that you have typed the correct computer name or ip address, and then try connection again."
I have install IIS and setting port at windows firewall to be able remote desktop.So how to remote desktop user's computer from outside through internet.Is it the router problem?
please help....
sorry if my english not fluent..

thank in advance

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Maybe this will help...

by scott_heath In reply to Problem with Remote Deskt ...

It sounds like a near consumer level router. To be honest I think what you should use is a VPN connection if you want to Remote Desktop to several PCs, but ehre is your alternative. You choose one system that you want to Remote Desktop then you forward TCP 3389 on the router to the IP of that system. Once you have gotten control of that desktop you can then Remote Desktop to other PCs in the company.

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hi scott

by saifoelbahri In reply to Maybe this will help...

Ok thanks Scott for your Suggestion.
the problem is.. My internet server still windows 2000 Professional, it cannot to remote. or i have to convert to windows Xp prof first..
i appreciate your time to writed down this
sorry my english not fluent


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Remote Desktop

by scott_heath In reply to hi scott

Windows 2000 Professional, not Server? You can forward packets coming to port TCP 3389 to any PC on your network, it doesn't have to be the IIS server. Is this how you network is setup?

Internet -> Firewall/Router -> Internal Network

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Problem Remote Desktop web Connection

by saifoelbahri In reply to Remote Desktop

Hi Scott
Yes you are right, Windows 00 prof is not Server.
i just want to explain how the flow my network. First internet getting down from ISP and connect to Adsl Modem Ovislink, from Modem connect to one PC with system Windows 2000 Prof. from PC connect to Switch. Maybe u have question why not directly sharing from ADSL Modem to user? because that modem just have 4 ports..its not enough, coz so many user in my office.
so from switch we sharing to all user.. each user getting gateway with IP windows 00 prof and DNS from ISP.
is it clear.. or u have sugestion with my probelm..
the problem with the router modem. i able log on to setup router modem. i just dont know where a part to change.I have canged NAT router forward port 3389, and forward port 3389 each user.. but stil not work..

any idea scott
thanks in advance

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by 3xp3rt In reply to Problem Remote Desktop we ...

Your problem is the following:
You can?t make a VPN connection to your LAN, because there is no domain.
For making a remote desktop connection you must be a member of the LAN.
The other way is forwarding the RDP port on your router. For detailed suggestion see the following Q&A:

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Problem Remote Desktop web Connection

by saifoelbahri In reply to Solution

Hi 3Xp3rt
thanks alot for your atantion
i awill find out and pay atantion for your advice.
if you dont mind, whould you give me the link user's guide all about setup VPN windows xp prof.
for you know. i have tried forward port 3389 in firewall user and router but it doesn't work.
my ip public is 222.124.XX.XX and my private IP is 192.168.X.XXX. is it right when i remote follow this : IP_Pulic:number_Port or IP_private:number_Port?

sorry i beginner to do this

thanks in advance

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port forwarding

by 3xp3rt In reply to Problem Remote Desktop we ...

Where is not server or domain, just a router, depending on type of router you can use the following technique: The router has a public IP address, and the computers have some 192.168?.. address. So you can set all this 192.168? IP?s on the router with port range start at 3389 and end at 3389 (RDP port). When you enable one of the 192.168?IP on port range forwarding (or depending on type of router Application, or Gaming) and save these settings, you can connect via RDP to that computer using the public IP address.

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I have the same problem...

by iceblast21 In reply to Problem with Remote Deskt ...

What I don't get is why no tech article ANYWHERE is giving accurate, complete advice!

I have the host computer with Remote Desktop enabled. I have forwarded the correct port. But I still cannot connect to the host computer!

From what I understand, you need 1 of 2 things for Remote Desktop:

A) A VPN, which features the most secure, most direct method of connection.


B) An actual website hosting the "tsweb" webpage, with which you could enter: IP_address:Port/tsweb/ to connect to the PC!

Is this accurate??? All of the online resources simply tell you to install Remote Desktop, enter the IP, and BAM! You're connected. But this is ridiculously inaccurate and misleading!

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Different types of remote desktop

by scott_heath In reply to I have the same problem.. ...

If you have the web service for remote desktop you can use a web browser to hit the http://computername/tsweb but if you are using the standard Remote Desktop connection client that is not necessary. Obviously web connection will use Port 80 for HTTP but standard connections are made over TCP Port 3389.

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by iceblast21 In reply to Different types of remote ...

That information is really the same I've found all over the web! I appreciate the effort, but I still don't understand what it's trying to tell me...

Do you need a VPN for Remote Desktop?

I think you need to host a website to use Remote Desktop Web, or you need a VPN to use the regular R.D.!

I have neither of those set up right now, so I am having trouble using Remote Desktop. After over a week of research, I'm no where closer to figuring out the archaic program, and we've just gone with GotoMyPc. But I'd still like to know how to feasibly set up a remote connection without monthly fees.

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