Problem with Save as/ Publish as PDF

By gravesburris ·
I have a problem publishing or saving a file as a PDF using Office 2007. The problem started after I had my AMD processor upgraded. Now after I attempt to save as/publish as a PDF, a Microsoft Office Word dialog box pops up "This file is in use by another application or user."

After I click "Show help" button it reads:

"This error is commonly encountered when a read lock is set on the file that you are attempting to open. Possible reasons for this:
Another user has the file open, either on the same computer that you are using, or on another computer.
Word crashed at some point in the past and left a read lock on the file.
Another application has an exclusive lock on the file, preventing Word from opening the file.
A custom application is running and has opened this file (possibly on another user's computer). It may have opened the file using an incorrect method.
To correct this problem, close all applications, restart Word and try to open this file again. If this does not work, examine the properties of the file to determine if someone else has it open. Occasionally a phantom process (dead or disassociated program) may have a lock on the file, and the only means of clearing it is to restart your computer.
For more information, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article **8593."

I've un-installed and re-installed Office 2007, but it still pops up. However, when I use the computer in Safe Mode, the file saves as it should. I even suspected a issue with the Securities Properties. But I'm not savvy enough to mess with the Securities. Has anyone had this problem?

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Did you read KB918593?

by seanferd In reply to Problem with Save as/ Pub ...**8593

It doesn't mention reinstalling Office. If you are not in a networked or multi-user environment in which you share documents with others, try options 2 (save the file to a different location) & 3(delete any Office temporary files).

Also: How do you publish to PDF? If it is a third-party app/ PDF printer driver, try removing it temporarily, or re-installing. Perhaps a driver that is not loaded in safe mode is causing the problem.

Please post back if those common fixes do not help. If you do, tell us which version of Windows you have. Did the processor upgrade change the number of cores in the processor?

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Not a real solution but...

by TechBender In reply to Problem with Save as/ Pub ...

... you could copy and paste to a new document, if having the extra file isn't going to annoy you.

I also prefer using PDF printers, instead of the Save As... add-ons and the like, as they can be a bit buggy. My favourite right now is CutePDF. Hasn't let me down yet in the long time I've been using it.

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