Problem with sony dw g-120a

By chiranjeevi_1980 ·
hellow every body !
I am having a big problem with my sony dvd writer. I wish somebody will solve my problem.
My Problem is :-
When ever I install or work with my Drive sometimes a problem occurs which slowdowns my HDD and my CPU processing speed. I tried to find out how this happens but got no solution. when this problem beguins whenever i turn on my pc (running on windows xp service pack 2 , Processor AMD Athlon 3000+, Asus K8V Mx Mother Board) the time startup it too long . if we notice the blue startup bar generally it will take 3-4 times and thare appears the wellcome screen . But after the problem It takes atleast 15-20 times and after it with a delay of 10 seconds there appears the well come screen. When I login every thing starts very slow lokking like my system is a 1000+ processor. Even the sound (music) plays on Login is very bad . It plays with a great disturbance. Every thing on the HDD accesses with a great delay. I have stored some DVD Movies on my HDD when I play them The sound output is very bad and plays with much dusturbance . If any movie I access from DVD drive Sound is good. Even Mp3s from HDD plays very Bad . all the Softwares run very slow.
I feel the problem which occurs due to the DVD drive slowdowns my HDD speed. thatis why I am unable to access any file from IT in a normal access speed.
Please help me .I had to format my system every time i got this problem . Is there any way to correct this problem without formatting my system. After formatting system works normal but the problem may occur at any time .
to test this I disconnected my DVD Writer and formattd my system with another Rom Drive and no problem occured . after 2months gap today i connected the Sony DW G-120A DVD Writer to system and installed a Software . and after restarting my PC I caught by the same problem.
What should I do.
I think the same problem may occur to some body else. If you have any Idea suggest me what to do.
Any Hardware or software friends help me.
thanking you

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You have a couple of options here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Problem with sony dw g-12 ...

A First run Defrag as often as possible to prevent fragmentation of files on the HDD. In XP this is found under Start, Accessories, System Tools then Disc Derangement. The more often that you run this the better that things will get till you reach the optimum where all the files are laid out as close as possible to Sequential Order on the HDD/s.

B Every time that the system slows down reinstall Windows and all your software.

C Check the jumper on the drive to make sure that there is actually one fitted and that it's fitted to the correct setting. You should use Master or Slave depending where on the IDE Lead the drive is located. You could always try another jumper if you have one fitted as it's possible that the internal metal part is missing.

d Change the Drive into a different computer and check it's operation there if the drive causes that system to be slow or produce other problems from the start it's possibly faulty. Normally a faulty part produces problems immediately and not a few months after installation.

I have several of the same DVD Burners and have not experienced a single problem with them causing any problems other than every time that I use them to copy a Disc it causes a large amount of Fragmentation on the HDD's. This is cured by running the Window Defrag Tool at least 3 times a week and this particular system has been running for 2 years without a second thought. Other than restarts forced on the system by Windows Patches it runs 24/7/365.


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