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Problem with the dialing of HAMR 5600 voice modem

By j.dumphreys ·
This problem that the modem had and still has it today is that when I click on the 'Connect' button to go on line, I cannot hear the line's dial tone sound before the dialing and therefore it does not dial the number and when I click 'Cancel' I can hear a 'Tik' sound and that's all. No line sound before the dialing and no dialing at all. On the other hand, when I turn it to the Pulse Tone, it does the dialing but is not working as we have the Dial Tone system. This proves that the modem is not damaged. One month ago the modem showed the same signs and once again I took it to the Service Dept. where it was fixed again. They said that the drivers were confused and they re-installed them again.
Also, for your further information, when I installed the driver (Smart Link 56k voice modem) from the file I downloaded from the net [SLA56-V3.04.00-MV-WIN9 after it was unziped and after I uninstalled the previous drivers from the control panel (add/remove programs, etc.) I recorded the following errors:
MTLHAL Hardware does not support modem
MTLSTRM Can not load HAL driver
MTLMDM Cannot open stream manager.

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