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    Problem with the User Account control panel


    by pjones ·

    I run an Active Directory Domain. One of my PC’s (running XP pro) had an odd problem. The color printer on the network will only allow users to print in Mono (the box in printer properties to select between Color and mono is greyed out). When I investigated I discovered that there are no Users displayed in the User Account Control Panel. When I went to the advanced tab, selected the advanced button in the Advanced User Management box, then selected groups, it gave me the following message: “The following error occurred while attempting to read group properties: System cannot find the file specified.” After I clicked ok, I opened the Power Users group and found the user I was looking for listed there. The User in question is a domain user who I had added to the Power User group awhile back because one of the programs they needed to run required that the user be at least a Power User. Any ideas of what is causing this?

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